November 18, 2010


Nokia Accessories : The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9

  • November 18, 2010
  • Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 is the lightweight Nokia Speaker with big sound. The Nokia mini speaker MD-9 is the nokia speaker fits to the pocket which one can carried from one place to another to enjoy the music. Now it will become very easy to enjoy music through your Nokia Mobile device with a big sound by using the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9. The Nokia MD-9 has a in-built amplifier and omni-directional sound through which one can enjoy the big sound through the speaker. The speaker can be connect with a wide range of devices through the 3.5mm plug and Integrated radio antenna. The speaker needed two numbers of AAA batteries through which one can enjoy 50 hours of music continuously. It is to be noted that the battery need to be changed from time to time. The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 is presently available in only two colours i.e. Black and red.

    Technical Specifications of Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 : It is a small device with some extra and updated feature and technical specifications. This light weight speaker can be treat as the home theatre with its big and loudable sound. Some of the main technical features can be listed as below.. 
    • Dimensions  : 42 x 67 x67mm 
    • Weight  : 90 grams (Including 2 nos. of AAA batteries) 
    • Operating time : Up to 2 hours. 
    • Speaker  : 0.63 Watt RMS. 
    • Frequency  : 250-18000 Hz. 
    • Connectors  : 3.5mm AV Plug & 2.5mm compatible plug. 
    • Operating Keys : Power on/off, LED on/off status & Cable management system (CMS)   

    The main connectors of the device is the 3.5mm AV plug and the 2.5mm compatible plug and through the in-built amplifier one can enjoy the big sound system like a music system/Home theatre etc. Now you may enjoy anywhere without a music system if you have a Nokia MD-9 with a compatible Nokia Device. It is also best for any outdoor party or in the transit or on-the-go. 

    TheNokia MD-9 Mini speaker is not a large device which may keep in a pocket. The standard package of the same comes with a Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, a 2.5mm Nokia adapter, 2 nos. of AAA size batteries and a user manual. 

    The Nokia Mini Speaker (Model-MD-9) is available in the market now with a reasonable price. The information about the features and the technical specifications of the same may be changed and not 100% accurate and slightly differ with the device. The price may be also vary and differ depend upon the retailer, distributor or the region. 

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