November 25, 2010


Nokia Mini speaker MD-11 : Its features, specification and availability in India

  • November 25, 2010
  • The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is one of the important mobile accessories of Nokia Phones. It is one of the best speaker launched by Nokia with a couple of new features. It is a mini speaker with a big sound which can treated as a music system. It can be used with the mobile device, music player and various compatible devices and can enjoy the beauty of the music. The MD-11 is a small speaker which can be brought from one place to another and can keep in the pocket for which it is become very popular among the users. One can hear non-stop music up to 50 hours without changing the battery of the speaker. It can be also treated as the pocket music system which is east to carry to wherever you go or whenever you want music with a big sound.
    The Sleek and curved design is one of the main feature of the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11. It is a powerful mini speaker from where one can connect to an another mini speaker for stereo surrounding sound. The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is compatible with a wide range of Nokia phones and a lot of music players.

    Technical Specifications of Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 : The Nokia Mini-Speaker MD-11 is a stereo pocket and portable music player which is compatible with most of the Nokia phones and compatible with a lots of other devices and players. Some of its features like as below..
    • Dimensions  : 50.5 mm x 76.5 mm x 76.5 mm
    • Weight  : 150 gram (With battery)
    • Connectors  :  audio connector, 2.5 mm Nokia Audio Adapter
    • Operating time :  Up to 50 hours.
    The device is also compatible with the other devices which has a 3.5 mm audio connector and 2.5 mm connector with an additional adapter. It is now available in all the cities of India in a reasonable price. Users now can enjoy high quality audio with the Nokia MD-11 Mini speaker with a stereo sound up to unlimited 50 hours.

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