January 2, 2011


Download Nokia Battery Monitor for Nokia Mobile Phones

  • January 2, 2011
  • Each and every mobile device has a battery which output the power to the boards of the phone which has to be charge from time to time. Now users can know the battery status of the phone by using the Nokia Battery Monitor Tool and it will show the status of the battery at that moment. If you would like to know the battery status at the time of charging or about remaining usage time and charging time etc. then the Nokia battery monitor will help you to find out the remaining time, usage time etc. very easily. Now it is possible to see the  remaining usage time, charging time of the battery etc, through the battery Monitor. This is now available in all the New Nokia Mobiles which can be download from thin e OVI store free of cost.  Some of the basic features and benefits of the Nokia Battery Monitor are as follows--
    • Through this applications users may can see the battery level and the performance.
    • One can see also the remaining usage time and the charging time of the battery. It clearly shows the time of remaining and the charging time of the device.
    • It also shows the statistics of the recent energy usage.
    One can download Nokia Battery monitor v1.2 from the OVI store directly to the Nokia Mobiles by free of cost for which nothing extra have to be paid. Now the Nokia users may see the battery status frequently. You have to go to Store and you have to go to the Utilities tab under applications which will be available there for free download. The process for download is as below..
    Applications > Utilities > Nokia Battery Monitor 1.2
    We think the above information will provide a clear idea about the Nokia battery monitor which helps to see the status of the device battery easily so that user can take the action in advance through which users may get the advance information about the battery status of the phone which will show you the status of the battery and users can came to know that how much time the battery could gave backup because it shows the battery charging level in percentage. For all the above reasons it is a very popular application among the users.

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