February 8, 2011


Latest price of Nokia N900 in January 2011 in India

  • February 8, 2011
  • The Nokia N900 is a high value and most expected mobile phone with recently launched by Nokia comes with an unique look and design and some popular applications. The Nokia N900 is a Maemo 5 Operating system phone having a 5 mega pixel camera. This touch screen 3G phone ahs a 3.5 inch wide display best for the clear visibility and the net surfing. The QWERTY keyboard and the touch screen helps the users to type and browse the internet easily and conveniently. Most of the mobile applications and the OVI features are come with the handset and users may download essential and important softwares, games, music etc. free of cost.
    We have told earlier that it is comes with the Maemo browser provided by Mozilla through which users can browse multiple browsers at a time. The all-in-one phonebook feature of the phone has an excellent feature to store all the contacts from various sources like Skype, GTalk and different IMs. It has the various connectivities like Bluetooth, USB, USB on-the-go, GPRS, 3G, EDGE and also it can be used as a data modem via USB. The 5MP camera with carl zeiss optics and in-built flash is an another attractive feature of the phone. Users may capture the memorable moments of life with its high resolution camera which has a CMOS sensor. It has 256MB RAM and 768MB virtual memory while the total storage capacity of the phone is 32GB. One can also see the full technical features of the phone which can be read in Nokia N900 mobile phone for more informations and details.

    Price of Nokia N900 Mobile phone in India : The price of the electronics goods and the mobile gadgets are up and down from time to time. The Price of the Nokia N900 Mobile is ` 24,000.00 in the month of January'2011 which may be changed depend upon the retailer and the region. One can also checked here for the Various Nokia N-Series Mobile features and Technical Specifications.

    Though we have inform about the prices about the various Nokia mobile handsets from time to time, but it is very difficult to told about the actual price about the same. Because the price of the electronic devices are become up and down frequently in the market. So, we would like to request you to contact your nearest dealer or the distributor for the recent and the latest price about the same. The price which we mentioned here is for information purpose only and it may not be same and actual with the market price. Because the prices are depend on the region and the retailer and that is why it may be differ and vary according to their retailer, region and the distributor.

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