March 18, 2011


Latest Price of Nokia 5233 mobile in March'2011 in India - Features and Specifications of Nokia 5233

  • March 18, 2011
  • The Nokia 5233 is one of the best touch screen and popular mobile phone recently launched by Nokia with a lots of new and updated features. It is one of the best phone which comes with the Symbian S60 operating system and with a 2.0 mega pixel camera. The Nokia Mobiles has a very good demand in the market and very popular among the users. The phone comes with the maximum features and applications including maps, store etc. It is a touch screen mobile phone where keyboard is not available and users can do all the works by touching only. Users can stay update with Social networks which icons are available in the home screen of the phone.
    Features and specifications of Nokia 5233 Mobile Phone : The Nokia 5233 mobile is comes with various latest features and some of the basic features and technical details for the same can be listed as below..
    • The Dimensions of the phone is 111x51.7x14.5mm and the total weight of the phone is 115 grams including the battery.
    • The internal storage capacity is only 70 MB but it can be expandable up to 16GB which is enough to store unlimited music and videos for entertainment.
    • It comes with a 2MP camera with flash feature which is best for capture any moment and making videos etc.
    • It is a Symbian phone and comes under the Series 60 family through which users may enjoy some attractive features of symbian of its recent symbian update.
    • Though the users can avail the GPRS, EDGE etc. but the Wi-Fi feature is not available in the phone.
    • The maximum talktime can be done through the phone up to 7 hours but keep in standby mode for up to 438 hours.  
    Some of the basic technical features and specs of the Nokia 5233 is listed above but it is not the full specifications. The phone is best for internet browsing through its 2.4 inch big touch screen and touch keypad. The look and the easy usability of the phone is an another reason of popularity of the phone. Users may update various softwares of the phone and can download new applications free of cost through the Software update icon on the menu.

    Price of Nokia 5233 Mobile in March'2011 in India : The Price of Nokia Mobiles becomes up and down from time to time in the market. The Nokia 5233 Mobile comes in a reasonable price in the market which is now available in all the cities of the country. Though the starting price of Nokia 5233 mobile was very high, now it comes in a reasonable rate in the market. The price of Nokia 5233 mobile in March'2011 in India is Rs. 5,500.00. The above price is not the fixed price, it may be changed depend upon the retailer and the region. Please contact your retailer or the dealer before purchase for the updated and the latest price.

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