March 6, 2011


Latest price of Nokia C6 Mobile in March'2011 in India

  • March 6, 2011
  • The Nokia C6 Mobile is touch screen 3G supported mobile launched by Nokia with latest features. It is Symbian Series 60 family which comes with a sleek design and a 3.2 inch big touch screen. This QWERTY keyboard phone brings to everyone a fast and easy access to the email, contacts and various IM and Email accounts like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Windows messenger and many others. Users can stay in touch with their friends and family with the free OVI mail provided by Nokia and through the other social networking icons that is available in the home screen of the phone. You can personalize your home screen with the widgets which brings live updates from facebook and the various social networks. User have full control on the home screen and design the home screen as their own choice.

    The Nokia C6 is a 3G supported mobile phone which comes with a 5 Mega pixel camera and with a secondary VGA camera which can be used for Video calls etc. The internal memory capacity of Nokia C6 is 200MB and it can be expandable up to 16GB. Connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and  3.5 mm AV connector is also available in the mobile. Various OVI features like Store, OVI Suite, Share, OVI Maps for navigation etc available in the phone. It supports various Internet protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP v1.1, WAP etc. Readers may see details about the features and specifications of Nokia C6 for more information. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard of the phone attract the users most for the same.

    Price of Nokia C6 Mobile Phone in March'2011 in India : The Nokia C6 Mobile is one of the best C Series phones which is now available in all the cities of the country. The price of Nokia C6 is not so high in the market. It is reasonable comparing to the applications provided in the phone. The Price of Nokia C6 Mobile in March'2011 is ` 12,700.00. The above price is not the fixed price and it may be changes depend upon the place to place and the retailer. Please see the site to get the Latest prices of Nokia Mobiles in India.

    Price update for Nokia C6-00 on December 25, 2011 : The price of the mobile devices are frequently up and down in the market. According to the price available with the different retailer and dealers in the 4th week of December'2011, the price for the same is decreased than the earlier. The latest price of Nokia C6 is Rs. 11,635.00. The above price is an approximate price based on the market price in the month December'2011 and that is why it may be vary and differ than the above depend on the cities and the retailer.

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