April 30, 2011


Latest price of cheapest Nokia 3G Mobile C2-01 in April'2011 in India

  • April 30, 2011
  • The Nokia C2-01 is the Cheapest Nokia 3G Mobile recently launched by Nokia comes under the Nokia C-Series phones. It is a S40 operating system phone of Symbian Family which is comes with a 3.2 mega pixel camera. It is the cheapest Nokia Phone which support 3G connectivity and users can enjoy video calls and full entertainment. This 3G phones has an attractive and smart look for which it is very popular among the users. The main reason of popularity of the phone is the cheapest price with more applications and features. The phone has 2 inch screen and the 3.2MP camera has 4X digital zoom facility.

    Though Nokia C2-01 is a cheapest phone but it has most of the facilities and applications. The internal memory capacity of the phone is 75MB which can expandable up to 16GB with a microSD card. The phone has a soft keyboard and a 2.0" monitor which can be best for Net surfing and messaging. The latest connectivity like Bluetooth v2.0, Bluetooth v2.1EDR, USB, Nokia AV connector etc. are available in the phone. One can get here the Full Specification of Nokia C2-01 for more information and details. It is a light weight phone which is only 90 grams including the battery of the phone. The minimum talktime of the phone is 8.30 hour while it can be keep in standby position for up to 430 hours. 

    Latest price of cheapest Nokia 3G Mobile C2-01 in April'2011 : The price of Nokia Mobiles are  become up and down in the market. The price of Nokia C2-01 is not so high in the market which is very cheap comparing to its features and applications. According to the market, the Price of Nokia C2-01 Mobile in April'2011 is Rs. 4,160.00. This is not the fixed price and it may be changed depend upon the retailer and the region.
    Price update on 18th December'2011 
    The Nokia C2-01 is become very popular among the users for its attractive features and the 3G connectivity. As per record in the 3rd week of the month of December'2011, the market Price of the Nokia C2-01 mobile is Rs. 3,640.00 which may be differ depend upon the retailer, region or the distributor. 

    One can also see here the Nokia Mobile Prices for more information about the prices of the new arrivals of the Nokia Mobiles. If you want to see the new Nokia accessories for your device, then you may read the same in Nokia Accessories for more details.   

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