May 8, 2011


Latest price of Nokia C6 and C6-01 Mobile in May’2011 in India

  • May 8, 2011
  • The Nokia C6 and Nokia C6-01 is both the popular and high demandable phone launched by Nokia. Both the phones are from Symbian family while the C6 is comes with the Symbian S60 Operating system and C6-01 is comes with Symbian^3. Both these Nokia C-Series phone has a lots of new and updated features and specs with some new applications for which it becomes very popular among the users. 
    Specifications and price of Nokia C6 Mobile phone in May'2011 in India
    The Nokia C6 is one of the best Nokia C-Series phone which has a lots of new features and applications available in the phone. It has a 3.2" big touch screen which is best for clear and full screen visibility and also for Internet surfing. The internal memory facility in Nokia C6 is for 200MB which can be expandable up to 16GB. The phone comes with a 5 mega pixel camera with in-built flash facility. Connectivity like GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi is also available in the phone. One can get here the Full Specifications of Nokia C6 for more information and details.

    The price of Nokia Mobiles is not so high comparing to its various features and lots of applications. The approximate Price of Nokia C6 in May'2011 is Rs. 12,520.00. The above price may be changed depend upon the retailer and the region. Visitors are requested to contact the nearest dealer or the retailer for the exact and final price for the same.

    Specifications and price of Nokia C6-01 Mobile phone in May'2011 in India
    The Nokia C6-01 is also one of the best C-Series phone which is now available in all the cities of the country. It is a Symbian^3 family phone which has a 3.2" big wide touch screen with AMOLED Display. With the Web TV facility users can easily watch National Geographic, CNN, BBC and many other TV channels in the phone and also can be enjoy music and videos in the Big Screen by using the TV out feature. With the Nokia OVI store facility users can enjoy thousand of new applications in Nokia C6-01 Mobile. One can see here the Full Specifications of Nokia C6-01 while some of the main and important specifications for the same is listed below--
    • Dimension  : 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9 mm
    • Screen  : 3.2"  Capacitive touch screen with AMOLED Display
    • Camera  : 8 Mega pixel with 2X digital zoom.
    • Memory  : 340MB internal memory, extended up to 32 GB.
    • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi  : Available
    • Operating System  : Symbian^3 Operating system
    Apart from the above mentioned basic features and specs, It has a lots of applications and features. Here we are trying to highlight some partial features for the users and visitors. 

    Price of Nokia C6-01 in May'2011 in India : The Price of Nokia C6-01 in May'2011 is ` 16,100.00. It is an approximate price of the device in the month of May'2011 and actual price may be less or higher than the above mentioned price because it depends on the region and the retailer.

    Update on 15th December'2011 : According to the price available with the various retailer it is to be note that the Price of Nokia C6 is Rs. 11,665.00 while the Price for Nokia C6-01 is Rs. 13,380.00. The above is an approximate price which is available in the market during the 2nd week of December'2011 which may be changed based on the region or the retailer. 

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