May 25, 2011


Nokia Low Cost Mobiles - Specifications and price of Nokia 2690 and Nokia 2720

  • May 25, 2011
  • The Nokia is the best cellular service company with various ranges of mobiles where both low cost and costly mobiles are available. Like the various costly phones it also has wide range of low cost mobiles which is comes in a cheapest rate in the market and reasonable for general people also. The Nokia 2690 and Nokia 2720 is one of the low cost mobiles by Nokia. Both are comes with the camera feature while the 2690 has a VGA camera with a capacity of 8GB expandable memory and 2720 comes with a 1.3 MP camera which has not the extended memory facility.  
    Features and Specifications of Nokia 2690 and Nokia 2720 : Both the phones are very popular among the users for its user friendly features an the low prices. Some of the comparative Technical specifications of the both phones can be listed as below--
    These are the basic specifications of the Nokia 2690 and 2720. One can also see here the other Nokia Mobiles for more informations and details. The Nokia 2690 and 2720 is Symbian S40 series phone where Bluetooth connectivity is available.

    Price of Nokia 2690 and Nokia 2720 in May'2011 in India : We have told earlier that the above phones are low cost mobiles launched by Nokia which comes in a reasonable price in the market. According to the market price in the month of May'2011, the Price of Nokia 2690 is `2,630.00 and Nokia 2720 price is `3,170.00. The above mentioned price is an approximate price and may be changed depend upon the retailer and the region. It is recommended to contact the nearest dealer or the retailer to know the exact and final price for the same. One can also see here the other Nokia Phone Prices for more information.

    Update on December 13, 2011 : Nokia has a couple of low cost handsets released from time to time with an attractive price which may be reasonable for the general people also. Lots of common and updated features are comes with the phones and users may get and enjoy all the facilities in a cheapest rate. According to the price list which is available with the various retailers and distributors in the 2nd week of December'2011, the Price of Nokia 2690 is ` 2,860.00. The above price may be changed which is depend on the region and the retailer. So, you are requested to contact the nearest retailer or the dealer for the latest and the updated price for the same before purchase. 

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