June 5, 2011


Nokia BH-219 Bluetooth Headset - Features, Technical Specifications and Compatibility of BH-219

  • June 5, 2011
  • The Nokia BH-219, BH-609 Bluetooth Headset etc. is some of the best and latest Headset launched recently by Nokia through which users can enjoy high quality audio and music feature with couples of other updated applications. One of the unique feature of the BH-219 is the connection between two phones at the same time through the NFC-enabled feature of the same. The stylish and the sleek design feature of the Nokia BH-219 attract the users easily. It is need to simply touch on a NFC-enabled phone for pairing and the handsfree calls.
    It has the Digital Signal Processing Technology for which users can enjoy clear calls with a very good and noiseless environment during the call. The Headset can be easily connect with any NFC enabled handset by touching the headset on the phone and after connected one can enjoy handsfree calls. Automatic volume adjust feature of the headset is an added feature through which users can enjoy noise free calls depend on the surrounding noise levels. It has multi-point facility which helps users to connect two phones at the same time and can be switching between two phone calls. This means the device can be connect with two phones at the same time and can be switched between the different phone calls at same time. 

    Technical Specifications of Nokia BH-219 Bluetooth Headset : The Nokia BH-219 is comes with a couples of new features and specifications. Most of the specifications are similar with the BH-609 stereo headset and out of these specifications some of them can be listed as below..
    • Dimensions  : 50.5 mm x 17 mm x 8.2 mm
    • Weight  : 8.5 Grams
    • Operating Time  : Up to 6 hours
    • Standby time  : Up to 100 hours
    • Sound Technology  : Digital Signal Processing Technology
    • Connectivity  : Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, NFC Enabled for touch-to pair
    • NFC Facility  : Available
    The design and the look of the device is very attractive and it can be easily fitted in the ear with the 2 sizes ear foams which comes with the standard sales package of the same. Apart from the ear foams the other items which comes with the package is one BH-219 headset and a user manual. One can pair the different devices through the NFC feature for which you have just need to touch. The NFC feature, Bluetooth with EDR and the DSP technology feature is some attractive feature of the headset. Users can talk up to maximum 6 hours while it can be keep in standby position up to 100 hours. 

    Compatibility of Nokia BH-219 Bluetooth Headset : Most of the new Nokia Mobile Phones are compatible with the BH-219 Headset. Among all the phones, Some of the compatible handsets are like Nokia N8 Smartphone & N82, Some selected models of Nokia E-Series, couples of Nokia C-Series phones, Nokia 5230 and 5233, Nokia 2730 Classic and 6710 Navigator and many other phones. 

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