June 18, 2011


Nokia Extra Power DC-11K for Nokia UK users - Features, specifications and compatibility

  • June 18, 2011
  • Like the Nokia DC-11 Extra Power, the DC-11K is also one of the best Nokia extra power which is recently launched by Nokia. It is almost same with the DC-11 except some special features and applications. The Nokia DC-11K charges up to two devices equally which helps to get quick power for multiple devices at a time. 

    The Nokia DC-11K is the updated version of Nokia DC-11 Extra power which was launched few months back. Most of the specifications are similar with the Nokia DC-11 Extra power. Its a compact and lightweight device look like a mobile device. Some of the important and main specifications of the Nokia Extra Power DC-11K can be listed as below--
    • Dimensions  :  113L x 56W x 11T  (mm)
    • Weight  : 82 grams
    • Power supply  : 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery
    • Connectors  : Nokia 2.0 charging connector and micro USB
    • Operating Temperature  : 0°C to 40°C
    • Charging facility  : By 113 mm charging cable
    • Operation Time  : Maximum 3 hours.
    • Recharging time  : Maximum 3 hours.
    The device is very useful for users while on-the-go, because it can simultaneously power up the phone and the headset. The power has been supplied by the 1500mAh Li-on battery which takes maximum 3 hours for recharging. It has two connectors i.e. charging connector and the USB connector through which user can charge two devices equally. 

    Compatibility of Nokia Extra Power DC-11K : The Nokia DC-11K extra power has a wide range of compatibility which covers most of the Nokia mobiles. All the phones of the Nokia C-Series, Nokia E-Series, Nokia N-Series and the Nokia X-Series are compatible with the same. Due to the wide compatibility of the device it becomes very popular among the users. Because using the same one can charge two device equally which helps to the user to get charged on-the-go or in the transit. 

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