June 23, 2011


Nokia N9-00 - New accessories for Nokia N9-00 smartphone

  • June 23, 2011
  • The Nokia N9-00 Smartphone is the world first fully and pure touch screen mobile announced by Nokia recently. It is a purely touch phone where there no any keys in the homescreen of the phone and all are controlled by touching only. The MeeGo Operating system is the operating software of the phone which will be available in three colours in the market i.e. black, cyan and magenta.
    The Nokia N9 smartphone comes with 3.9 inch curved glass AMOLED display screen covered with Gorilla Glass. The body of the phone is made by Polycarbonate material for which the phone gets the scratch proof feature. It has a 1GB of RAM and an internal 16 GB memory and which can be expandable up to 64GB. The 8 mega pixel camera with auto focus and dual LED flash which comes with the Carl Zeiss Optics. The NFC support of the phone is one of the unique feature through which one can play music through wireless speaker and easily share images, videos etc. with others. The full features and technical specifications of Nokia N9-00 smartphone can be read in Nokia N9 Smartphone.

    New Accessories used in Nokia N9 Smartphone : There are a lots of new accessories are used in the recently announced Nokia N9 smartphone. Some of them can be listed as below--
    The Nokia MD-310 is the Wireless Music Receiver through which one can get music from any sound system, computer, Laptop and the other sources. It can be connected up to 100 meters through a bluetooth connection and can get the excellent sound quality. By tapping on the NFC logo one the phone, one can directly get the music etc. from the other device through the NFC facility.
    The AC-16 is the USB charger which is used for the recently announced N9 smartphone. It is not like the other USB chargers, it is something different and a fast USB chargers which will be shipped along with Nokia N9 smartphone. The design of the very attractive which is one of the best feature. Though the device is specially design for N9 it also can be purchase individually from the market. 
    The Nokia BH-111 is the another new accessory which is also specially designed for the N9 smartphone. It is a bluetooth stereo headset which can be standby up to 120 hours. Users can talk up to 7 hours and can enjoy music through the device for more than 6 hours. Though the device is not released till now but it is expected that the same will be released very soon and users can enjoy the various features of the device.

    These are some of the accessories which is mostly suited and specially designed for the Nokia N9-00 smartphone. Apart from these, there are a lots of other devices and accessories which are also fitted for the phone like Nokia Play 360° and many others. 

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