July 1, 2011


Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-806 - features and compatibility

  • July 1, 2011
  • Accessories is an essential parts and consumable for any electronic device for smooth operations of the same. The Nokia also released their various accessories products of the phones with a wide compatibility of phones from time to time. Like the various Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset, the Nokia BH-806 is also one of the best and recently launched Headset which is specially designed for the Symbian Anna Nokia X7-00 smartphone. The sleek and articulate design of the headset is one of the best feature of the BH-806 headset. The wide ranges of the Nokia stereo headsets like Nokia BH-219, BH-504, Nokia BH-217 and various other accessories plays a key role to enjoy the full entertainment of the device. The BH-806 is also a best bluetooth headset which comes with some unique features.
    The Nokia BH-806 has a 3 months standby time and an excellent and sophisticated audio through which users can enjoy clear and noiseless talking and clear sound. The device can be easily use with the handset without any problem and talk up to a long period. It is made of premium material with an attractive stainless steel finish. Users can auto adjust volume depending on the surrounding noise levels and environment. The Background noise echo cancellation feature of the device users can enjoy the noiseless and clear sound during talking. One can also see the other bluetooth headset and Nokia accessories in the Accessories column. 

    Compatibility of Nokia BH-806 bluetooth headset : We have told earlier that the BH-806 is specially designed for the latest Symbian Anna phone Nokia X7-00 smartphone. Apart from the X7, the Nokia BH-806 is compatible with those phones which supports bluetooth 2.1 version, Bluetooth handsfree profile 1.5 and bluetooth headset profile 1.1 version. All the Nokia phones which support the above specifications are compatible with the Nokia BH-806 Bluetooth headset. It is a lightweight headset (8 grams) which can be used more comfortably in the ears with the changeable ear buds. The maximum talktime through the headset can be done up to 5 hours.

    Some of the recommended Nokia phones for the BH-806 is like Nokia E7-00, Nokia N8 and Nokia C7-00 etc. One can now enjoy the new features and specifications of the Nokia BH-806 headset which is now available in the market. 

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