November 5, 2011


Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone - Features, Specifications and availability of Nokia Lumia 800

  • November 5, 2011
  • The Nokia Lumia is the Nokia Windows Phone recently announced by Nokia is the most expected Windows Phone of Nokia for which all are waiting for after the news was leaked in the internet. The Nokia starting the new era of Windows phone by announcing a couple of Windows phone recently. This Windows phone has 16GB internal memory and comes with 512 MB RAM. Now users can use the Nokia Windows Phone as a computer just pin to the start screen of the phone.
    The Lumia 800 smooth one piece body flows around the display of the phone which helps to see the each and every applications very clearly through the 3.7" AMOLED Display. One of the most important thing is the social networking icons i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is available in the homescreen of the phone through which users can stay updated with their friend and other activities. Through the Lumia 800 users can enjoy a very fast browsing facility where Internet Explorer 9.0 version, HTML5 and Wi-Fi facility is available. The 8 mega pixel camera with carl zeiss optics and 28mm wide angle lens of the phone is best for any HD videos and high resolution photos. Like the Nokia E7 Smartphone the Lumia 800 can also be used as a business phone where all the office tools i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint is available. The various OVI facility is also available in the phone through which one can download all the necessary software and various applications for Lumia 800 free of cost. There are various location based applications which can avail by the users for getting any new places, any destination information and through which one can get and discover various places easily.
    Technical Specifications of Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone
    It is not possible here to mention the full technical specifications of the Nokia Lumia 800, but some of the main and important specs for the same mentioned as below..

    • Dimensions  : 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm
    • Weight  : 142 Grams with Battery
    • Screen Size and Type  : 3.7" Capacitive touch screen
    • Display  : ClearBlack AMOLED display
    • RAM  : 512 MB RAM
    • Memory  : 16 GB Internal Memory & 25 GB SkyDrive
    • Operating Software  : Windows Phone 7.5
    • E-mail Facility  : SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3
    • Camera  : 8 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
    • Camera Flash  : LED Flash with auto focus
    • Audio Codecs  : .m4a, .m4b, .mp3, .wma, QCELP, AMR-NB, EVRC, AAC/AAC+/EAAC+ etc.
    • Video Codecs  : 3GP, .3GP2, .MP4, .M4v, .MBR, .WMV etc. 
    • Music Player  : Nokia Music Player, Zune Music Player etc.
    • Music Playback time  : Up to 55 hours (Maximum)
    • Video Playback time  : Up to 6.5 hour (Maximum)
    These are some of the main specification of the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone. Apart from these specs the phone has many other important features and facilities which is not available in the other Nokia mobile phones. One can also see the below video to know more about the phone..

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    Availability of Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone : Regarding availability of a phone, it is very tough to imagine a date of availability in the market. Though the Lumia 800 is announced in the month of November'2011, it is expected that the same will be available in the last part of the December'2011 in the market. Though is is expected about availability in December but it may be available before December or may be later of the expected date. Now we have to wait for some days to avail the facilities of a Nokia Windows Phone.

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