January 22, 2012


Bluetooth stereo headset BH-112 - Small size and big style

  • January 22, 2012
  • The Nokia BH-112 is the latest Nokia Stereo headset launched recently with some attractive features. It is a small headset in size and big in style which is nicely design by Nokia. Through this compact, colourful and user friendly stereo headset user may took handsfree calls comfortably without having any problem. The compact design, look and the light weight is an added feature of the device. Users can enjoy clear and comfort handsfree calls through the Nokia BH-112 bluetooth headset. Users can choose proper size ear bud and ear loop that is fully fitted in the ear from the different sizes. The same is available in five different colours in the market from where users can choose from the wide range of colours. Through these different eye-catching colours available in the market users may get a new and modern look with the same. Through the simple voice guidance users can pair the headset with the phone easily where there is nothing to worry about the battery of the device because the voice prompts will warn you about when it to be charge etc. By touching only in a button one can answer or end calls. Now no need any wire for making any calls which could be done wirelessly through BH-112 headset using bluetooth. The pairing process with other device is very easy while it can be pair with two devices at the same time. This feature helps user to pair with two phone equally through which one can connect with personal and business phone by using only a device at the same time.

    Technical features of Nokia BH-112 bluetooth Headset : Apart from the above features some of the technical data of the BH-112 can be listed as below--
    • The dimension of the device is 40X20X25 (WxDxHmm).
    • It is a very light weight device which is only 8.1 grams and best and suitable to keep in ear comfortably.
    • The device can be operate in -15°C and up to 55°C.
    • The Nokia BH-112 stereo headset can be operate up to 10 metres by using bluetooth which means users can receive calls from 10 metres away from the phone.
    • The Nokia 2mm charging connector is the main connector of the device.
    • Users could talk up to maximum 5 hours by using bluetooth while it can be keep in standby position up to 150 hours maximum.
    • The voice prompt of the device warns the user about the charge of the device and it takes maximum 2 hours for fully charged.
    • The bluetooth version of the device is 2.1 with enhanced data rate EDR) with bluetooth handsfree profile HFP1.1 and HFP1.5.
    These are basic and important features and technical data of the bluetooth stereo headset Nokia BH-112 which is the latest launched Nokia accessories. The standard sales package of the same comes with a BH-112 headset, a Nokia compact charger, user guide, three different sized earbuds, two ear hooks and a carrying case.

    Compatibility of Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth Stereo Headset : Though the BH-112 headset is specially designed for Nokia N9 Smartphone, it has wide range of compatibility. Please look in to the below points for more details about the compatibility of the same..
    • It is compatible with all the handsets, players and any other devices which has the Bluetooth version 2.1, 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1.
    • It is also compatible with all those devices which has handsfree profile 1.0 or 1.5 and headset profile 1.1.

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