July 9, 2011


Best features of Nokia N9-00 smartphone - Reasons for choosing Nokia N9

  • July 9, 2011
  • The Nokia recently announced the Nokia N9-00 smartphone which will comes with the MeeGo Operating system and with a lots of new features and applications. It is the first pure touch mobile where there is nothing any button in the homescreen. The AMOLED display touch screen covered with Gorilla glass gives the phone a attractive look. The phone has a 8 mega pixel camera phone with carl-zeiss optics and Dual LED flash which also supports high definition videos. 
    Here one can get the informations about the top and best features of the recently announced Nokia N9-00 smartphone for which the users mainly attract for the phone. The reasons choosing the N9 is mainly for the latest features and applications which is available in the N9 and for the some new technology. Some of the main and best features can be listed as below--
    • The Nokia N9-00 smartphone has a 3.9 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen while the AMOLED display screen is covered with the Gorilla glass.
    • It is the first fully and pure touch phone where nothing any button in the home screen and all the function has to be done by touching only.
    • The slimness of the phone easily attract the users which is also more slimmer than the Nokia N8-00 smartphone. The dimension of the N9 is 116.5 (L) x 61.2 (W) x 12.1 (D) mm.
    • Regarding the sound of the phone, it supports 3.5mm phone jack for which it has a good sound quality. Apart from this the Nokia N9 is the first smartphone which has a Dolby digital plus decoding facility and comes with the headphone post-processing technology.
    • The phone has a 8 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash, auto focus and the Carl-Zeiss optics which also supports high definition videos. It also has secondary camera which is mainly used for video calls etc.
    • The Nokia N9 is the first phone which comes with the MeeGo  v1.2 Harmattan operating software with more features and applications. 
    • The N9 smartphone used a Swipe home view system and they are split between 3 main view i.e. Application views, multi-tasking views and the event views. Through the multi-tasking vies users can run up to 100 applications simultaneously. 
    • The phone comes with the in-built NFC which is preloaded in the system. 
    • It is a scratch-proof smartphone where the polycarbonate materials are used and that is why it get the scratch-proof feature. 
    • It has a 1GB of RAM and and inbuilt memory of 16GB. The memory can be expanded up to 64GB with a hot swappable MicroSD card. 
    • There are a lots of new accessories are used in the latest Nokia N9-00 smartphone like Nokia MD-310, AC-16 is the USB charger, Nokia BH-111 bluetooth stereo headset, Nokia Play 360° etc. which is used for the first time in the phone. 
    Apart from the above features, the phone has a lots of other applications for which users goes for the same. Here some expected reasons is highlighted for which users are interested for the Nokia N9 smartphone. 

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