August 4, 2011


New Software (014.002) released for Nokia C7, E7 and Nokia C6-01 - Update your Device with Latest Software

  • August 4, 2011
  • The Nokia released and update the necessary and important software for the Nokia Device from time to time through which users can stay updated with the latest features and updated applications. The users can avail the various latest softwares from the Nokia Software Updates free of cost. It is also available for update through the mobile device and by using a PC. Recently the Nokia announced 014.002 software update for the Nokia E7-00 smartphone, Nokia C7-00 and for Nokia C6-01 Smartphone. This update of the software is comes with some new and updated features through which users may get more applications than the earlier. 
    Through the update of the software 014.002, users can update the followings features for the device which includes..
    • The new version of the Nokia OVI Store are include in the update. Through this update users can get the latest Nokia OVI store with more features and with a new interface and design. 
    • Secondly, one of the main feature of the update is Performance and usability improvements of the device. After update the software user will get the better performance than earlier. It will give the better performance of the phone battery and the various applications of the device. 
    • The update also includes the improved OVI Maps user experience. 
    The above software update is available in Nokia Software update which can be update by using the Nokia device or by using a PC. For update the same by using the Nokia device one should have an internet connection and need to go to the Menu of the device where is an icon of Software Update and all the necessary software update will be available there. You need to select the necessary update from the available updates. For update the same by using a PC is very easy because when you using the OVI Suite for browsing internet then it checked automatically the available updates for the device and the same will display for update and one can update it easily which is comes under the tools tab of the OVI suite. One can also update the latest software through using the Nokia Phone Software Update

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