August 6, 2011


New Software released (071.004) for Nokia E-Series - Update software for Nokia E52 and Nokia E72

  • August 6, 2011
  • The New software version 071.004 is recently released by Nokia for the Nokia E52 and for Nokia E72 mobile which comes with a lots of new and updated features. The Nokia has timely released the available updates of the various software for the devices through which the users can enjoy and lot more features and applications. Through the updates of the phone softwares one can get the best performance, latest features and the various Nokia Apps and services in the device. Now the various software updates is available for free in the official Nokia Software Update page and which can also be update through using the Nokia device. 
    The new update of the software version 071.004 is comes with a lots of features and some of the features and highlights of the same can be listed as below--
    • General performance and the usability improvements like battery life and the various applications is one of the feature of the same.
    • It will also update the 'Here and Now' application of the phone which helps user to identify the current location, weather forecast and many other facilities like local restaurants, movies information and event etc. 
    • It will provide a new and faster version of the web browser with various facilities.
    • After updating the software for the device users can insert emoticon etc. in the Text and multimedia messages.
    • The new and updated versions of the OVI Store and OVI Maps is also available in the same update.
    How to Update software for Nokia Devices : The update process of software in Nokia devices is not so tough which can be update by using Mobile device and as well as by using a PC. One can update the same by using the Nokia device for which an Internet connection will be needed. For doing the same one have to go through the 'Software Update' option under the Menu and the available updates for the device will be showing there. 

    The Update process is also can be done through using a PC or Laptop. If the OVI Suite is available in the phone then it will check for available updates automatically and after that one can update the same easily. It also can be done manually through the OVI Suite for which one can follow the below steps--
    • In the PC or the Laptop, Need to open the Nokia Ovi Suite and connect the phone with the PC
    • Then go to the Tools Menu and Software updates.
    • Select the software which is needed to update
    The available updates can be get completely free of cost and nothing have to be paid for the same. You can also read the earlier post on Step-by-step tutorials for update software for more information and details.

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