November 20, 2011


Download Theft Aware 2.0 full version - The top anti-theft software for Nokia Smartphones

  • November 20, 2011
  • It is very important to keep your phone safe from the thief and other misuses which can now prevent through the Theft-Aware software 2.0 full version which is now available for download from Nokia OVI store free of cost. An anti-theft software is a most valuable software for all of us  so that we can track the position of the mobile while another SIM card is used in the mobile. This software will help you to how to track your lost phone or how to recover your phone from thief.

    The Theft Aware 2.0 full version is now available for the Nokia Smartphones for free download from the Nokia Store. It is provided by ITAgents which is very helpful for smartphone users to track the thief details. Theft aware is the only software which provides Remote commands and GPS tracking. The software has many other facilities like online map support, phone lock facility and many others.

    How to track your phone from thief through Theft Aware 2.0 : Through Theft Aware 2.0 version, we can protect our phone from the thief or we can track the same if it is lost. The software send a message when any other SIM inserted in your phone to those two numbers which you have inserted at the time of register. In the SMS the following information will be provided by the Theft Aware software..
    • The phone number of that SIM which is inserted in your phone.
    • The details of the network of the SIM.
    • GPS coordination if available and
    • The link to the online map service.
    Through the above information one can track the phone easily. One can also set up a lock code and a customized Siren for the phone. If you set up a lock code then the thief couldn't open the phone without the lock code and when the thief will use an another SIM then your customized siren will work. Wipe phone facility, Back-up contacts etc, facilities is also available in the software. 

    To avail the software you have to download the same from Nokia Store and need to be installed your phone and after that you can setting the various options and facilities in your own choice. One can also Download Theft Aware 2.0 software from the Nokia store free of cost. Please see the below screenshot for more information..
    Please see the above screenshot and you could see the option 'Set my phone' where you can set your phone for the software. The download option is also available just below the 'Set my phone' option. Please remember for download the same you have to register in Nokia store. For those who have already registered in Nokia Store need to be login for download the Theft Aware 2.0 full version anti-theft software. 

    Hope the above article will help the readers to download the anti-theft software for the Nokia Mobile phones. If you face any problem during installation or set up, please let us know with details and we will try to help you to solve it out. Now you may be able to track or recover your lost phone by using the Theft Aware software easily. 

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