November 23, 2011


Nokia Headset WH-902 - Specifications and compatibility of Stereo Headset Nokia WH-902

  • November 23, 2011
  • The Nokia WH-902 is a recently announced premium stereo headset with a clear sound quality for music and calls etc. The light weight earphone is specially designed for fitted with your ear comfortably. It has a various buttons  to enjoy the different facilities provided in the headset. One can easily control and manage calls through the built-in remote control system of the headset. 
    The Nokia WH-902 stereo Headset comes with a lots of new features for which it becomes very popular among the users. The low distortion speakers of the headset ensures the high quality crystal clear music, audio and the clarity of the calls. It also ensures the clear and natural sound in calls even in noisy environments. One can call handsfree as long as you wish where call can be answered or reject by one touch.  This light weight earphone is comfortable and convenient to use which is ergonomically designed for delivered high quality sound and audio. 

    Some of the important and basic technical features of the WH-902 stereo headset can be listed as below..
    • Dimensions  : Earpiece - 30 mm x 16 mm x 15 mm
    •                            Plug - 30 mm x 5 mm
    • Weight  : 13 Grams
    • Operating Keys  : Answer & End key
    • Operating Temp  : -15°C to +55°C
    • Cable Length  : 1180 mm
    • Speaker  : 14mm diameter
    • Microphone  : 5mm diameter
    • Connectivity  : 3.5mm Universal Connector & Audio Adapter for device with 3.5mm AV Connector.
    Compatibility of Nokia WH-902 Stereo Headset : It is always important to know about the compatibility of your device that where you can use your device or which device is compatible with your device. The Nokia WH-902 headset is compatible with most of the Nokia Mobile Phone. Please see below for details informations..
    • It is compatible with all the Nokia Phones, Music Players and other devices which has a universal 3.5mm audio jack. 
    • It is also compatible with those mobiles and devices which has a 3.5mm Nokia AV audio jack by connecting with Audio Adapter AD-87U which is included in the Nokia Stereo Headset Wh-902.

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