March 10, 2012


Advance Call Manager for Nokia E-Series phones - Free download from Nokia Store

  • March 10, 2012
  • The Advance Call Manager is an application provided by Melon (WebGate) for the Nokia E-Series phones which is now available for free download in the Nokia Store. This application comes with a couple of features and benefits which can be avail in the Nokia E63, Nokia E66 and the Nokia E71. By using this application, one can manage their incoming calls anytime and anywhere by the various features provided in the Advance Call Manager.

    The Call Manager is an essential apps for any mobile devices through which users manage their calls in own choice. Sometimes and somewhere it is not possible to accept or reject any incoming calls in the phone depend upon the environment. This call manager provides you a lots of features to handle your calls and set your call management in various ways. The various facilities and benefits of the same is as follows..
    • The manager handles the incoming calls for different callers in different approaches.
    • The ACM accepts, rejects and can forward calls as you set in the application.
    • If you did not want to accept a call then you can send a personalized SMS to the caller which you have to set for the same.
    • Through the application, users can plays a greeting to the ringer or can mute the ringer.
    • Users can save different profiles and can schedule the same as per time or the schedule.
    • The Advance Call Manager has a feature through which users can create the Black or White list and can manage the contacts of the phone to these lists. If you didn't want any calls from any particular number then you may keep the number in the Blacklist so that you couldn't get any incoming calls from that selected number.
    • The application also has a template facility where one can save or create special messages. Call handling actions can also be assigned and the template messages can be set for the each and every groups very easily.
    We have told you above that the Advance Call Manager is available for the Nokia E66, E71 and Nokia E63 and the same is available for free download in Nokia Store. It is a very small file required only 0.28MB space in the the phone. You can also install the same in Memory Card too.

    How to Download Advance Call Manager for Nokia Mobiles : The downloading process of any Software or application from Store is very easy which can be done through using the mobile device or by using a PC. But it is needed to check the compatibility of the same for your device. Because some applications are available for some specific device only and that is why it is essential to check if the same is compatible for your device or not. The compatibility for the Advance Call Manager can check by using the Nokia Phone Selector where you have to select your phone model and it will let you know that your device is compatible or not for the same. Users can Download and install directly the same to their device through the Nokia Suite connected with the PC.

    Now, through the Apps user can enjoy the benefits of the same and stay away from getting disturbing by phone calls because through this application they can handle and manage their calls in own choice. Please share your views and let us know about any problem facing during download and installation process and we will try to suggest you for trouble free installation.

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