March 17, 2012


Latest Software Update v30.2012.07-1 released for Nokia N9-00 Smartphone

  • March 17, 2012
  • We all knows that the Nokia N9-00 Smartphone is the best smartphone which was announced by Nokia in the month of June'2011 which is comes with the MeeGo Operating system. This pure touch screen smartphone has no any button where users can do all these things by touching only and it is already got familiar in the market. The 3.9 inch very big AMOLED touch screen of the phone covered with Gorilla glass and the phone is scratch proof which is made by poly carbonate materials. The 8MP camera of the phone has auto focus, Carl-Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and the 28mm lens of the phone is best for High definition videos. The internal storage capacity of the phone is for 16GB and it supports expandable memory up to 64GB with a hot swappable MicroSD memory card. The N9 supports the Near Field Communication (NFC) through which users can easily share images, videos and can enjoy music, videos etc. through any wireless speaker. It also has a 1GB RAM through which users can enjoy fast loading in the phone contents or any webpage. This 3G phone has a secondary camera for using video calls etc. The Nokia N9 smartphone is the first pure touch smartphone and it is the first phone where the Dolby plus decoding facility is available and so that the users can enjoy an excellent sound quality in the phone.

    New software released for Nokia N9-00 : The Nokia recently announced the latest Software version 30.2012.07-1 for the N9 Smartphone which brings a couple of update and latest features. Some of the updates and the latest features of the update can be listed as below..
    • Video call support for Google Talk is an important feature of the update and the users can avail the application from the Nokia Store free of cost.
    • Now the camera of the phone can shooting continuously in the burst mode with three frames in a second.
    • Users can tag in any photos with names after update the software as the update brings the Face Recognition feature.
    • After update the same users can create playlists in the music player and also can delete any song directly in the Player.
    • Though the N9 users could view the web browsing history but after this update they can get more features as the update improve the browsing history view.
    • Extended copy and paste feature in website and in documents is an another feature of this latest update.
    • The latest update of the Nokia N9 brings more languages. Apart from the earlier languages available in the phone the users now can get other 4 languages i.e. Hebrew, Persian, Vietnamese and the Kazakh.
    Apart from the above new updated features it has more than hundred of features and usability improvements come with this update. Different drive features like route options, speed alerts, compass support etc. are some of the other important features of the update. Please note that all the above updated features may not be available for your device or somewhere it may be available countrywise.

    How to update software for Nokia Mobiles : The Nokia Mobile users can update the latest softwares for their devices by using the mobile or by using a PC. We have already published an article earlier about the steps to Update Software for Nokia Mobiles where one can get the complete tutorials about the process of updating software in a Nokia device. If you facing or having any problem at the time of updating the same, please let us know and we will try our best to give you more details about the same.

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