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August 5, 2012


ESPN Radio is available in Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone

Enjoying a radio channel in the mobile phone is an amazing experience for each and every mobile users through which one can get the latest news around us and enjoy music and others at the same time. Most of the Nokia phones has the regional FM radio facility and now Nokia has developed the ESPN Radio Apps for its Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone Series which was announced on 3rd August'2012. Now the users can get the ESPN radio on their mobiles through which they can stay updated with the latest news and happenings.

The ESPN Radio apps recently launched by Nokia is a great application for the Nokia Lumia owners which will provides a couples of podcasts and customizable stations. Users can get customizable stations and more than 35 ESPN radio poscasts in this apps. The SportsCenter is also available here through which users can listen about the sports and it is updated in every 20 minutes which meant users can get the every latest and updated news in 20 minutes. Apart from these, it also broadcasts all ESPN radio stations, Radio network and the ESPN Deportes. The users also can listen each and every games of World series, Wimbledon etc. and all the other games that ESPN broadcasts.

Like the SportsCenter, the apps also show about the latest and most popular stories in real time basis which is updated throughout the day. Users can give their thumbs up or down based on the impression on that particular article. There are some unique features in the ESPN Radio apps through which users can save and mark their favourite stations and could see the live programs going on in each station. Secondly, The discussions which are going on in Twitter and the upcoming schedules could also be view easily through this apps. Users also can listen the offline shows and can download the audio content on demand. This ESPN Radio is a best applications for those sport lovers who want to enjoy most of the sports in ESPN channel. It takes the best sports programming on the Radio and through which any user can stay updated with the latest news and can keep up-to-date their team and hear it from the favourite ESPN station in their Lumia Phone.

Though this application is launched on 3rd August'2012, but there might be a delay in the Windows Phone MarketPlace regarding delay and so the users are request to wait till publishing of the same . It is expect that the same will be available after the update of the MarketPlace Page. Users are requested to check the MarketPlace in your Nokia Lumia Phone for avail the same for your device. After all, the ESPN Radio is a very great application which is now available for Nokia Lumia Phones which comes with various facilities and features and users can now enjoys all the games, plays, sports and many others in their mobile devices too.
Source : Nokia Conversations
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February 4, 2012


YouTube Apps for Nokia Series 60 devices from YouTube

The YouTube is a very good and essential application through which one can enjoy various online videos easily. It is an useful application for all of us to upload and download videos where a lots of videos are stored by YouTube. Now the YouTube application is available in the mobile devices too and the mobile users can download various videos to their devices through this applications. The Nokia Series 60 phones are also has the compatibility for this applications which is available for download in the Nokia Store. We have already published an article earlier on YouTube Downloader which need to be download from Nokia Store. This application is now available in Nokia store for download free of cost which is only available for the Nokia Series 60 devices. Now it will help the Nokia mobile users to avail the benefit of the YouTube and enjoy online videos through this application.

It is an official free mobile application, which is provided by YouTube which is optimized for a fast and seamless experience for the Nokia S60 devices. Users can search their favourite videos easily and playing them which takes only few seconds. After downloading and install the application users may feel the difference in speed and video quality. This also has the query suggestion feature which helps users to search any videos in YouTube. With this feature users has not to type any long keyword to search the required video because the query suggestion feature will display available keywords for you so that you can your search result by typing only one or two words. Apart from this, users can open their own account there and by login their own account they can customize in various features like in subscriptions, favourites and in various playlists etc. After all, through the YouTube application for the Nokia S60 devices users may enjoy the online videos and customize and manage their playlists etc. in their own choice.

How to download YouTube Apps for Nokia S60 Mobiles : The Download process of YouTube application for Series 60 devices is very easy which is available for download in the Nokia Store free of cost. One can Download YouTube apps directly from the Nokia OVI store for which you have to login there and after download it will be install automatically. It can download by using the Nokia device or by using a PC or Laptop with an valid internet connection. Just you need to go to the Nokia Store in the phone and the same will be available for download in Entertainment section under the Application Tab. For download the application by using the PC, users need to connect the phone with the PC with Nokia Suite and the same can be download from the Nokia store linked in the suite.

Users may also check the compatibility of their Nokia phone by using the Nokia Phone Selector where you can set your phone for the compatibility of YouTube Apps. It is a small application for which only 1.12MB free space needed for install the same in the phone. Now the Nokia S60 series users can enjoy the YouTube videos on their phones without any problem and with a very fast speed which takes only few seconds to play.

Users can share their experiences on the YouTube application in their Nokia S60 series devices. If any problem occurs during the download or installing the application, then please let us know regarding the same with details and we will try our best to give you way to solve your problem.
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January 22, 2012


Bluetooth stereo headset BH-112 - Small size and big style

The Nokia BH-112 is the latest Nokia Stereo headset launched recently with some attractive features. It is a small headset in size and big in style which is nicely design by Nokia. Through this compact, colourful and user friendly stereo headset user may took handsfree calls comfortably without having any problem. The compact design, look and the light weight is an added feature of the device. Users can enjoy clear and comfort handsfree calls through the Nokia BH-112 bluetooth headset. Users can choose proper size ear bud and ear loop that is fully fitted in the ear from the different sizes. The same is available in five different colours in the market from where users can choose from the wide range of colours. Through these different eye-catching colours available in the market users may get a new and modern look with the same. Through the simple voice guidance users can pair the headset with the phone easily where there is nothing to worry about the battery of the device because the voice prompts will warn you about when it to be charge etc. By touching only in a button one can answer or end calls. Now no need any wire for making any calls which could be done wirelessly through BH-112 headset using bluetooth. The pairing process with other device is very easy while it can be pair with two devices at the same time. This feature helps user to pair with two phone equally through which one can connect with personal and business phone by using only a device at the same time.

Technical features of Nokia BH-112 bluetooth Headset : Apart from the above features some of the technical data of the BH-112 can be listed as below--
  • The dimension of the device is 40X20X25 (WxDxHmm).
  • It is a very light weight device which is only 8.1 grams and best and suitable to keep in ear comfortably.
  • The device can be operate in -15°C and up to 55°C.
  • The Nokia BH-112 stereo headset can be operate up to 10 metres by using bluetooth which means users can receive calls from 10 metres away from the phone.
  • The Nokia 2mm charging connector is the main connector of the device.
  • Users could talk up to maximum 5 hours by using bluetooth while it can be keep in standby position up to 150 hours maximum.
  • The voice prompt of the device warns the user about the charge of the device and it takes maximum 2 hours for fully charged.
  • The bluetooth version of the device is 2.1 with enhanced data rate EDR) with bluetooth handsfree profile HFP1.1 and HFP1.5.
These are basic and important features and technical data of the bluetooth stereo headset Nokia BH-112 which is the latest launched Nokia accessories. The standard sales package of the same comes with a BH-112 headset, a Nokia compact charger, user guide, three different sized earbuds, two ear hooks and a carrying case.

Compatibility of Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth Stereo Headset : Though the BH-112 headset is specially designed for Nokia N9 Smartphone, it has wide range of compatibility. Please look in to the below points for more details about the compatibility of the same..
  • It is compatible with all the handsets, players and any other devices which has the Bluetooth version 2.1, 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1.
  • It is also compatible with all those devices which has handsfree profile 1.0 or 1.5 and headset profile 1.1.
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January 2, 2011


Download Nokia Battery Monitor for Nokia Mobile Phones

Each and every mobile device has a battery which output the power to the boards of the phone which has to be charge from time to time. Now users can know the battery status of the phone by using the Nokia Battery Monitor Tool and it will show the status of the battery at that moment. If you would like to know the battery status at the time of charging or about remaining usage time and charging time etc. then the Nokia battery monitor will help you to find out the remaining time, usage time etc. very easily. Now it is possible to see the  remaining usage time, charging time of the battery etc, through the battery Monitor. This is now available in all the New Nokia Mobiles which can be download from thin e OVI store free of cost.  Some of the basic features and benefits of the Nokia Battery Monitor are as follows--
  • Through this applications users may can see the battery level and the performance.
  • One can see also the remaining usage time and the charging time of the battery. It clearly shows the time of remaining and the charging time of the device.
  • It also shows the statistics of the recent energy usage.
One can download Nokia Battery monitor v1.2 from the OVI store directly to the Nokia Mobiles by free of cost for which nothing extra have to be paid. Now the Nokia users may see the battery status frequently. You have to go to Store and you have to go to the Utilities tab under applications which will be available there for free download. The process for download is as below..
Applications > Utilities > Nokia Battery Monitor 1.2
We think the above information will provide a clear idea about the Nokia battery monitor which helps to see the status of the device battery easily so that user can take the action in advance through which users may get the advance information about the battery status of the phone which will show you the status of the battery and users can came to know that how much time the battery could gave backup because it shows the battery charging level in percentage. For all the above reasons it is a very popular application among the users.
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November 25, 2010


Nokia Mini speaker MD-11 : Its features, specification and availability in India

The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is one of the important mobile accessories of Nokia Phones. It is one of the best speaker launched by Nokia with a couple of new features. It is a mini speaker with a big sound which can treated as a music system. It can be used with the mobile device, music player and various compatible devices and can enjoy the beauty of the music. The MD-11 is a small speaker which can be brought from one place to another and can keep in the pocket for which it is become very popular among the users. One can hear non-stop music up to 50 hours without changing the battery of the speaker. It can be also treated as the pocket music system which is east to carry to wherever you go or whenever you want music with a big sound.
The Sleek and curved design is one of the main feature of the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11. It is a powerful mini speaker from where one can connect to an another mini speaker for stereo surrounding sound. The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is compatible with a wide range of Nokia phones and a lot of music players.

Technical Specifications of Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 : The Nokia Mini-Speaker MD-11 is a stereo pocket and portable music player which is compatible with most of the Nokia phones and compatible with a lots of other devices and players. Some of its features like as below..
  • Dimensions  : 50.5 mm x 76.5 mm x 76.5 mm
  • Weight  : 150 gram (With battery)
  • Connectors  :  audio connector, 2.5 mm Nokia Audio Adapter
  • Operating time :  Up to 50 hours.
The device is also compatible with the other devices which has a 3.5 mm audio connector and 2.5 mm connector with an additional adapter. It is now available in all the cities of India in a reasonable price. Users now can enjoy high quality audio with the Nokia MD-11 Mini speaker with a stereo sound up to unlimited 50 hours.
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November 18, 2010


Nokia Accessories : The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9

Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 is the lightweight Nokia Speaker with big sound. The Nokia mini speaker MD-9 is the nokia speaker fits to the pocket which one can carried from one place to another to enjoy the music. Now it will become very easy to enjoy music through your Nokia Mobile device with a big sound by using the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9. The Nokia MD-9 has a in-built amplifier and omni-directional sound through which one can enjoy the big sound through the speaker. The speaker can be connect with a wide range of devices through the 3.5mm plug and Integrated radio antenna. The speaker needed two numbers of AAA batteries through which one can enjoy 50 hours of music continuously. It is to be noted that the battery need to be changed from time to time. The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 is presently available in only two colours i.e. Black and red.

Technical Specifications of Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 : It is a small device with some extra and updated feature and technical specifications. This light weight speaker can be treat as the home theatre with its big and loudable sound. Some of the main technical features can be listed as below.. 
  • Dimensions  : 42 x 67 x67mm 
  • Weight  : 90 grams (Including 2 nos. of AAA batteries) 
  • Operating time : Up to 2 hours. 
  • Speaker  : 0.63 Watt RMS. 
  • Frequency  : 250-18000 Hz. 
  • Connectors  : 3.5mm AV Plug & 2.5mm compatible plug. 
  • Operating Keys : Power on/off, LED on/off status & Cable management system (CMS)   

The main connectors of the device is the 3.5mm AV plug and the 2.5mm compatible plug and through the in-built amplifier one can enjoy the big sound system like a music system/Home theatre etc. Now you may enjoy anywhere without a music system if you have a Nokia MD-9 with a compatible Nokia Device. It is also best for any outdoor party or in the transit or on-the-go. 

TheNokia MD-9 Mini speaker is not a large device which may keep in a pocket. The standard package of the same comes with a Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, a 2.5mm Nokia adapter, 2 nos. of AAA size batteries and a user manual. 

The Nokia Mini Speaker (Model-MD-9) is available in the market now with a reasonable price. The information about the features and the technical specifications of the same may be changed and not 100% accurate and slightly differ with the device. The price may be also vary and differ depend upon the retailer, distributor or the region. 

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