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January 22, 2012


Bluetooth stereo headset BH-112 - Small size and big style

The Nokia BH-112 is the latest Nokia Stereo headset launched recently with some attractive features. It is a small headset in size and big in style which is nicely design by Nokia. Through this compact, colourful and user friendly stereo headset user may took handsfree calls comfortably without having any problem. The compact design, look and the light weight is an added feature of the device. Users can enjoy clear and comfort handsfree calls through the Nokia BH-112 bluetooth headset. Users can choose proper size ear bud and ear loop that is fully fitted in the ear from the different sizes. The same is available in five different colours in the market from where users can choose from the wide range of colours. Through these different eye-catching colours available in the market users may get a new and modern look with the same. Through the simple voice guidance users can pair the headset with the phone easily where there is nothing to worry about the battery of the device because the voice prompts will warn you about when it to be charge etc. By touching only in a button one can answer or end calls. Now no need any wire for making any calls which could be done wirelessly through BH-112 headset using bluetooth. The pairing process with other device is very easy while it can be pair with two devices at the same time. This feature helps user to pair with two phone equally through which one can connect with personal and business phone by using only a device at the same time.

Technical features of Nokia BH-112 bluetooth Headset : Apart from the above features some of the technical data of the BH-112 can be listed as below--
  • The dimension of the device is 40X20X25 (WxDxHmm).
  • It is a very light weight device which is only 8.1 grams and best and suitable to keep in ear comfortably.
  • The device can be operate in -15°C and up to 55°C.
  • The Nokia BH-112 stereo headset can be operate up to 10 metres by using bluetooth which means users can receive calls from 10 metres away from the phone.
  • The Nokia 2mm charging connector is the main connector of the device.
  • Users could talk up to maximum 5 hours by using bluetooth while it can be keep in standby position up to 150 hours maximum.
  • The voice prompt of the device warns the user about the charge of the device and it takes maximum 2 hours for fully charged.
  • The bluetooth version of the device is 2.1 with enhanced data rate EDR) with bluetooth handsfree profile HFP1.1 and HFP1.5.
These are basic and important features and technical data of the bluetooth stereo headset Nokia BH-112 which is the latest launched Nokia accessories. The standard sales package of the same comes with a BH-112 headset, a Nokia compact charger, user guide, three different sized earbuds, two ear hooks and a carrying case.

Compatibility of Nokia BH-112 Bluetooth Stereo Headset : Though the BH-112 headset is specially designed for Nokia N9 Smartphone, it has wide range of compatibility. Please look in to the below points for more details about the compatibility of the same..
  • It is compatible with all the handsets, players and any other devices which has the Bluetooth version 2.1, 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1.
  • It is also compatible with all those devices which has handsfree profile 1.0 or 1.5 and headset profile 1.1.
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November 23, 2011


Nokia Headset WH-902 - Specifications and compatibility of Stereo Headset Nokia WH-902

The Nokia WH-902 is a recently announced premium stereo headset with a clear sound quality for music and calls etc. The light weight earphone is specially designed for fitted with your ear comfortably. It has a various buttons  to enjoy the different facilities provided in the headset. One can easily control and manage calls through the built-in remote control system of the headset. 
The Nokia WH-902 stereo Headset comes with a lots of new features for which it becomes very popular among the users. The low distortion speakers of the headset ensures the high quality crystal clear music, audio and the clarity of the calls. It also ensures the clear and natural sound in calls even in noisy environments. One can call handsfree as long as you wish where call can be answered or reject by one touch.  This light weight earphone is comfortable and convenient to use which is ergonomically designed for delivered high quality sound and audio. 

Some of the important and basic technical features of the WH-902 stereo headset can be listed as below..
  • Dimensions  : Earpiece - 30 mm x 16 mm x 15 mm
  •                            Plug - 30 mm x 5 mm
  • Weight  : 13 Grams
  • Operating Keys  : Answer & End key
  • Operating Temp  : -15°C to +55°C
  • Cable Length  : 1180 mm
  • Speaker  : 14mm diameter
  • Microphone  : 5mm diameter
  • Connectivity  : 3.5mm Universal Connector & Audio Adapter for device with 3.5mm AV Connector.
Compatibility of Nokia WH-902 Stereo Headset : It is always important to know about the compatibility of your device that where you can use your device or which device is compatible with your device. The Nokia WH-902 headset is compatible with most of the Nokia Mobile Phone. Please see below for details informations..
  • It is compatible with all the Nokia Phones, Music Players and other devices which has a universal 3.5mm audio jack. 
  • It is also compatible with those mobiles and devices which has a 3.5mm Nokia AV audio jack by connecting with Audio Adapter AD-87U which is included in the Nokia Stereo Headset Wh-902.
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November 15, 2011


Nokia Purity Stereo Headset - Features, Specifications and Compatibility

The Nokia Purity Stereo Headset is the latest headset launched by Nokia with its amazing audio quality with a little help of Monster. Its high performance in-ear style attract the users easily for the same where the premium design and the great audio is an added feature of the headset. The Nokia and Monster together make the best and hottest in-ear headset with the amazing and clear audio quality. The ear pad of the headset is specially designed so that that the background noise wouldn't disturb during talking or enjoying music etc. 

It is the product under the joint collaboration between Monster and Nokia and it is constructed with the scratch resistant materials which comes with a tangle free flat cable. The monster driver is used here to deliver high quality audio and dynamic sound facility. Presently the headset is available in four colours in the market i.e. Black, White, Cyan and Fuchsia where the control key like play/pause, answer/end, volume etc. keys are comes as built-in key. 
Technical Specifications of Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster 
The Nokia purity stereo headset has lots of new and attractive features and specifications. Some of the main and important specification can be listed as below..
  • Device Dimensions  : 19 x 27 x 15 mm
  • Device Weight  : 18 grams
  • Cable Length  : 1200 mm
  • Operating Temperature  : -25°C to +50°C
  • Connectors  : 3.5mm Audio Connector and Nokia AV Connector
  • Operating keys  : Volume, Play/Pause, Answer/End etc.
Compatibility of Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster

Users should have idea about the compatibility of an accessory which you want to purchase from the market. The compatibility about the Nokia Purity headset is as below..
  • The headset is fully compatible with the all Nokia Windows mobile. It can be easily use with the Windows mobiles. 
  • Secondly, It is compatible with all the mobiles, Music players and the other devices which has the facility of a 3.5mm universal audio jack without which users couldn't enjoy with the Nokia Purity Stereo Headset. 
  • At last, the headset is also compatible with those devices which had a 3.5mm Nokia audio jack with the adapter. 
We hope that the Nokia purity stereo headset will be very popular among the users for its unique design and the amazing sound and audio quality. 
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September 27, 2011


Nokia USB Modem 21M-04 - Features, Specifications and Compatibility of USB Modem 21M-04

The Nokia 21M-04 is a latest USB Modem released by Nokia with a lots of new facilities and features through which users can enjoy faster and reliable download even in low network coverage area by just a single click. It can be used in  Netbooks, Laptop Computers and those computers which are running with Windows, Mac or Linux etc. The simple user interface and the set up is one of the added feature of the device. The device supports SDHC microSD cards which can be used up to 32GB. 

Through the Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem, users can get the fast 3.5G connections with high internet data transfer rates. One can user external Antenna system which is also support by the device for better network signals. It is a swivelling USB connector where the status of the device can get by the LED system. 

Technical Specifications of Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem
The Nokia USB Modem 21M-04 is announced few days back by Nokia Europe with a lots of new technical features. Some of the basic and main technical specifications of the device can be listed as below--
  • Device Dimensions  : 87.5 x 27 x 16 mm
  • Weight  : Approx 30 Grams
  • Operating Temp  : -15°C to +35°C
  • Connector  : USB Connector and External Antenna Connector
  • Memory Card Slot  : Hot swappable MicroSD Memory Card
  • Memory Card Capacity  : Up to 32 GB (Maximum)
  • Antenna Facility  : Pentabend Antenna and Diversity Antenna and Support for External Antenna
The device supports most of the Operating System i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7, Mac Operating System, Ubuntu and many others. Including English and Hindi Language the device supports more than 27 languages worldwide. It also supports Windows 7 Mobile Broadband. The sales package of the devices comes with the Modem 21M-04 with an user guide and an external antenna as optional. 
Compatibility of new Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem

The Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem is compatible with all Netbooks, Laptop and Desktop computer with the Following Operating Systems--
  • Windows XP Operating System with SP3 
  • Windows Vista with Service Pack 1.
  • Windows Operating System
  • Mac Operating System with Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion version.
  • Ubuntu version 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04.
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September 11, 2011


Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-111 - Features, Specification and Compatibility

The Nokia BH-111 is the latest Bluetooth Stereo Headset with a lots of new features and specifications launched some days back by Nokia. It is now available in most of the market in the cities with a different choice of colours. The headset has a lightweight and excellent design equipped with soft and comfortable earpieces. 
The headset comes with a various new features and with a better stereo sound and audio quality. It provides high quality sound facility in different environment with the Digital Signal Processing. The design of the earpieces are specially designed so that any sound from the outside couldn't given any disturbance during any call etc. Users can easily controls the various keys of the headset through the Emboss surface provided in the same for finding out the keys easily. The automatic call switching facility helps users to flow between the call and the music. 

Technical Specifications of Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Headset
Some of the basic technical specifications of the latest Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Stereo Headset can be listed as below--
  • Dimensions  : 48 mm x 37.6 mm x 12.8 mm
  • Talktime  : 7 Hours (Using Bluetooth)
  • Music Time  : 6 hours (Using Bluetooth)
  • Standby Time  : 120 Hours (Maximum)
  • Bluetooth Version : Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
  • Sound Frequency  : 20 – 20 000 Hz
  • Connectors  : 3.5 mm Nokia connector & Nokia Charger Connector
  • Operating Range  : Within 10 Meter (Using Bluetooth)
  • Operating Keys  : Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Send, End, Power Key
  • Volume Control Key  : Available
Compatibility of Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Stereo Headset : The Nokia BH-111 can connect with the compatible phone wirelessly. It is compatible with almost all the new Nokia Mobiles. All the devices i.e. Phones, Music Players and any other devices which support Bluetooth version 2.1 with EDR are compatible for the BH-111 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. The required handsfree/handset profile for the same is Profile 1.5/ Profile 1.0. The BH-111 headset is also partially compatible for those devices which support Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, handsfree Profile 1.5 and headset Profile 1.0.
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July 26, 2011


Nokia J Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Features, Specifications and Compatibility of Nokia J headset

The Nokia J is the latest launch Nokia Bluetooth Stereo headset with an attractive look and award winning design through which users can enjoy superior sound and audio quality. The design and the latest features of the headset attract the users easily for the same. The in-ear design of the headset delivers the immersive audio quality  where the users can handle the volume adjustment and enjoy the best audio quality in any type of environment. The 3 months standby time is an added feature of the headset. Now users can enjoy more clear audio quality through the NokiaJ headset which is the latest Nokia accessory under the headset.  

The volume of the headset adjusted automatically depending on the surrounding environment and noise levels. The headset has some innovative technology like Voice guidance, Multi-point, Digital Signal Processing noise reductions etc. Through the multi-point technology users can connect two device simultaneously while the DSP noise reduction helps the users for crystal clear call in any type of environments. One can see here the details about the Nokia J bluetooth Headset in YouTube video--

Technical Specifications of Nokia J Bluetooth Headset

The Nokia J Bluetooth Headset has comes with a award winning design and a lots of new and updated specifications. It looks like the English 'J' letter and that is why it is names as Nokia J Headset. Some of the important and updated technical specifications for the same can be listed as below--
  • Dimensions  : 47.4 x 12.5 x 6.4 mm
  • Operating Temperature  : -15°C to +55°C
  • Weight  : 8 grams
  • Operating range  : Up to 10 metres by Bluetooth
  • Operating time  : Up to 5 hours by Bluetooth
  • Standby time  : Up to 3 months with bluetooth & 100 hours in switched-on mode.
  • Power Supply  : By rechargeable battery
  • Connectivity  : 2.1 with enhanced data rate (EDR) 
Compatibility of Nokia J Bluetooth Headset : The Nokia J headset is compatible with some of the specific models i.e. Nokia 6710, Nokia C5-00 and C5-03, Nokia C6, N8 smartphone, Nokia E-Series Phones and some Nokia C-Series phones. It is also compatible with all the phones which support the Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR (Headset Profile 1.1 and Handsfree Profile 1.5). After all, it is a very good and attractive stereo bluetooth headset recently launch by Nokia with more features and facilities. 
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July 1, 2011


Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-806 - features and compatibility

Accessories is an essential parts and consumable for any electronic device for smooth operations of the same. The Nokia also released their various accessories products of the phones with a wide compatibility of phones from time to time. Like the various Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset, the Nokia BH-806 is also one of the best and recently launched Headset which is specially designed for the Symbian Anna Nokia X7-00 smartphone. The sleek and articulate design of the headset is one of the best feature of the BH-806 headset. The wide ranges of the Nokia stereo headsets like Nokia BH-219, BH-504, Nokia BH-217 and various other accessories plays a key role to enjoy the full entertainment of the device. The BH-806 is also a best bluetooth headset which comes with some unique features.
The Nokia BH-806 has a 3 months standby time and an excellent and sophisticated audio through which users can enjoy clear and noiseless talking and clear sound. The device can be easily use with the handset without any problem and talk up to a long period. It is made of premium material with an attractive stainless steel finish. Users can auto adjust volume depending on the surrounding noise levels and environment. The Background noise echo cancellation feature of the device users can enjoy the noiseless and clear sound during talking. One can also see the other bluetooth headset and Nokia accessories in the Accessories column. 

Compatibility of Nokia BH-806 bluetooth headset : We have told earlier that the BH-806 is specially designed for the latest Symbian Anna phone Nokia X7-00 smartphone. Apart from the X7, the Nokia BH-806 is compatible with those phones which supports bluetooth 2.1 version, Bluetooth handsfree profile 1.5 and bluetooth headset profile 1.1 version. All the Nokia phones which support the above specifications are compatible with the Nokia BH-806 Bluetooth headset. It is a lightweight headset (8 grams) which can be used more comfortably in the ears with the changeable ear buds. The maximum talktime through the headset can be done up to 5 hours.

Some of the recommended Nokia phones for the BH-806 is like Nokia E7-00, Nokia N8 and Nokia C7-00 etc. One can now enjoy the new features and specifications of the Nokia BH-806 headset which is now available in the market. 
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June 18, 2011


Nokia Extra Power DC-11K for Nokia UK users - Features, specifications and compatibility

Like the Nokia DC-11 Extra Power, the DC-11K is also one of the best Nokia extra power which is recently launched by Nokia. It is almost same with the DC-11 except some special features and applications. The Nokia DC-11K charges up to two devices equally which helps to get quick power for multiple devices at a time. 

The Nokia DC-11K is the updated version of Nokia DC-11 Extra power which was launched few months back. Most of the specifications are similar with the Nokia DC-11 Extra power. Its a compact and lightweight device look like a mobile device. Some of the important and main specifications of the Nokia Extra Power DC-11K can be listed as below--
  • Dimensions  :  113L x 56W x 11T  (mm)
  • Weight  : 82 grams
  • Power supply  : 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Connectors  : Nokia 2.0 charging connector and micro USB
  • Operating Temperature  : 0°C to 40°C
  • Charging facility  : By 113 mm charging cable
  • Operation Time  : Maximum 3 hours.
  • Recharging time  : Maximum 3 hours.
The device is very useful for users while on-the-go, because it can simultaneously power up the phone and the headset. The power has been supplied by the 1500mAh Li-on battery which takes maximum 3 hours for recharging. It has two connectors i.e. charging connector and the USB connector through which user can charge two devices equally. 

Compatibility of Nokia Extra Power DC-11K : The Nokia DC-11K extra power has a wide range of compatibility which covers most of the Nokia mobiles. All the phones of the Nokia C-Series, Nokia E-Series, Nokia N-Series and the Nokia X-Series are compatible with the same. Due to the wide compatibility of the device it becomes very popular among the users. Because using the same one can charge two device equally which helps to the user to get charged on-the-go or in the transit. 
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June 8, 2011


Nokia BH-609 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Features, Specifications and Compatibility of Nokia BH-609

Like Nokia BH-219, the Nokia BH-609 is also one of the best Bluetooth Stereo Headset launched recently by Nokia with a lots of new and updated features. The sleek and stylish headset comes with multiple ear pads and with an optional ear loop through which users can fit the same in own choice. The crystal clear sound quality and the noiseless audio is the best feature of the headset. The ergonomic design and the superb audio quality attract the users easily for the headset. 

It has a lots of facilities for which it is very popular among the users. Users can listen to the text messages through the device where one can talk non-stop up to 6 hours. One can connect the device up to 180 hours of standby time. It has a powerful speaker with two microphones. The noise and wind-noise reduction feature ensures the voice clarity of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-609. 

Technical Specifications of Nokia BH-609 Bluetooth Headset : The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-609 is comes with a lots of new and updated features. Some of the main and important specifications for the same can be listed as below--
  • Dimensions  : 60.5 mm x 16.5 mm x 6.5 mm
  • Weight  : 10 grams
  • Power Supply  : Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Operating Time  : Max 6 hours
  • Standby time  : Max 180 hours
  • Connector  : 2mm charger connector
  • Sound & Media  : 2-mic noise and wind-noise reduction
  • Charging time  : Max 1 hour
It has various operating keys like on/off key, answer and call end key, voice dialing key, Volume up and down key, redialing and many others. It helps the user to call and enjoy music wirelessly which is best on-the-go or in transit. One may also set audio for receive incoming calls etc. The rechargeable battery of the device supply the power through which user can talk or enjoy music non-stop up to maximum 6 hours. It comes with two types of ear pads for maximum 3 sizes. 

The Nokia BH-609 Bluetooth Stereo Headset sales package comes with most of the essential parts and consumables which includes the followings..
  • One Nokia BH-609 Bluetooth Headset, the main device. 
  • Earpads in 3 sizes for maximum two types.
  • Ear loop also comes with the standard sales package. 
  • one Nokia Charger and 
  • The User Manual about the device.
Compatibility of Nokia BH-609 Bluetooth Headset : The BH-609 headset is compatible with most of Nokia Mobile Phones. One can easily use the same in various ranges of the Nokia Handset for which one can also check in Nokia Official Website for the compatibility for the same. Users may check the other Accessories or Bluetooth Stereo Headset which can be read in the Headset Tab of the site. 
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June 5, 2011


Nokia BH-219 Bluetooth Headset - Features, Technical Specifications and Compatibility of BH-219

The Nokia BH-219, BH-609 Bluetooth Headset etc. is some of the best and latest Headset launched recently by Nokia through which users can enjoy high quality audio and music feature with couples of other updated applications. One of the unique feature of the BH-219 is the connection between two phones at the same time through the NFC-enabled feature of the same. The stylish and the sleek design feature of the Nokia BH-219 attract the users easily. It is need to simply touch on a NFC-enabled phone for pairing and the handsfree calls.
It has the Digital Signal Processing Technology for which users can enjoy clear calls with a very good and noiseless environment during the call. The Headset can be easily connect with any NFC enabled handset by touching the headset on the phone and after connected one can enjoy handsfree calls. Automatic volume adjust feature of the headset is an added feature through which users can enjoy noise free calls depend on the surrounding noise levels. It has multi-point facility which helps users to connect two phones at the same time and can be switching between two phone calls. This means the device can be connect with two phones at the same time and can be switched between the different phone calls at same time. 

Technical Specifications of Nokia BH-219 Bluetooth Headset : The Nokia BH-219 is comes with a couples of new features and specifications. Most of the specifications are similar with the BH-609 stereo headset and out of these specifications some of them can be listed as below..
  • Dimensions  : 50.5 mm x 17 mm x 8.2 mm
  • Weight  : 8.5 Grams
  • Operating Time  : Up to 6 hours
  • Standby time  : Up to 100 hours
  • Sound Technology  : Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • Connectivity  : Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, NFC Enabled for touch-to pair
  • NFC Facility  : Available
The design and the look of the device is very attractive and it can be easily fitted in the ear with the 2 sizes ear foams which comes with the standard sales package of the same. Apart from the ear foams the other items which comes with the package is one BH-219 headset and a user manual. One can pair the different devices through the NFC feature for which you have just need to touch. The NFC feature, Bluetooth with EDR and the DSP technology feature is some attractive feature of the headset. Users can talk up to maximum 6 hours while it can be keep in standby position up to 100 hours. 

Compatibility of Nokia BH-219 Bluetooth Headset : Most of the new Nokia Mobile Phones are compatible with the BH-219 Headset. Among all the phones, Some of the compatible handsets are like Nokia N8 Smartphone & N82, Some selected models of Nokia E-Series, couples of Nokia C-Series phones, Nokia 5230 and 5233, Nokia 2730 Classic and 6710 Navigator and many other phones. 
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April 7, 2011


Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-504 - Full specifications and price for UK users

The Nokia BH-504 is one of the latest and best and comfortable Bluetooth stereo headset recently launched by Nokia. The sleek and stylish design of the headset is one of the best feature for which users are generally go for the same. The dedicated keys of the headset can be used for play, pause, stop easily through the headset without any problem. The look and the sleek design of the device attract users where the ear pads are fitted properly. The foldable design has the facility of easy mobility and users cam switching easily between the calls and the music. The advanced Digital Signal Processing helps to get the high quality audio sound which also has the facility of echo cancellation and noise reduction. Some of the best features of the Nokia BH-504  like Easy mobility, Sound clarity and sound control. After all, one can control the music system and calls of the device through the headset.

Technical Specifications of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-504 : The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-504 is comes with some extra and unique features like below..
  • Users may enjoy clear and noiseless sound through the Digital Signal Processing Technology (DST). 
  • Users can talk non-stop up to 9 hours and can enjoy music up to 7.5 hours. It may keep in standby position up to maximum 90 hours.
  • The Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-5 is the compatible charger for charging the device which takes maximum 1 hour for fully charged.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity v2.1 with EDR is the main connectivity of the headset. 
  • The operating temperature of the device is -15˚C to +55˚C
Compatibility of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-504 : The BH-504 stereo headset is compatible with most of the Nokia Mobile Phones. All phones of Nokia C SeriesNokia E Series, Nokia N Series, X Series and almost all the Nokia Mobiles. Apart from the above phone, the headset is also compatible with those phone which has Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and higher, Handsfree & Headset and A2DP/AVRCP profiles. Please remember one thing that the compatibility of a device depend on the latest software of the handset. So, please check your device software first that it is updated or not or contact the nearest retailer of dealer for more information.

Expected Price of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-504 in April'2011 : The Nokia BH-504 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is comes with a reasonable price in the market. According to the market price in April, the price of Nokia BH-504 stereo headset in April'2011 is £ 53.99. One can see here the Nokia Prices for more information about the various Nokia Mobiles in UK.
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April 6, 2011


Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701 - Specifications and Price for UK Users

A headset is an essential mobile accessory which plays a key role in the operating of a mobile device. In this regard, Nokia launches their various headset compatible with the different Nokia handsets from time to time. The Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701 is an another Stereo Headset for most of the Nokia Mobile handset. One can control all the voice and video calls and can easily go on while on the move. The style of the headset is one of the best feature through which one can completely control over the calls and the music. This handsfree headset gives all the control to the user on the calls and the music on the go. The earpads for the same comes in three different sizes so that user may select the actual size as comfortable to you. Users may control and adjust for calls, music etc. just by touching a button. It can used with all devices which support 3.5mm Nokia AV connector. It comes with an AV connector and three different size sets of Earpads.

Specifications of Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701 : The Nokia WH-701 stereo headset comes with three sets of ear pads and an integrated remote which can be used for controlling music and calls. Some of the main and important specifications of the device is as follows--
  • Dimensions  Cord  : 1350 mm
  • Dimensions Remote  : 12.7 x 12.2 x 76 mm
  • Headset cable length  : 1350 mm
  • Connector  : 3.5mm Nokia AV connector, Nokia AV Adapter for supported devices 2.5mm.
Compatibility of Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701 : The WH-701 headset is compatible with most of the Nokia Mobile Phones. The devices which has the 3.5mm Nokia AV connector is also compatible with the headset. One can Check the compatibility for the same for use of Nokia WH-701 headset. One can see here the Other Headsets of Nokia Mobile Phone for more informations.

Price of Nokia WH-701 Stereo Headset in April'2011 for UK Users : The price of Nokia WH-701 is not so high in the market. According to the market price in the month of April'2011, the price of Nokia WH-701 headset is £ 23.99. This is not the fixed price and it may be changed depend upon the time, region and the retailer. Please contact the nearest retailer or the dealer for the current and latest price for the same.   
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December 10, 2010


Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i : Features, Specification and availability in India

Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i is recently launched by Nokia. It is one of the main Nokia Accessories which is widely used by the Nokia users. It is comes with some new features and applications which has multiple operating keys i.e. power on/off, redial, voice dial, stereo widening, volume up/down, play/previous/next/pause and many more.

Some of the basic features of the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i is listed below--
  • Users can hear the clear music and audio even in crowd with the twin speech microphones. It has no matter that the user in a silence environment or in crowd and BH-905i will manage all these things. 
  • The Nokia BH 905i is specially designed with the best audio quality and have the facility of the stereo widening. Users can get the higher and big sound quality with this feature.
  • It is lightweight and best for use in travel. It can be carried in a pocket like a wallet due to its light weight feature and can best during travelling.
  • It can be used wireless or wired with various range of music players.
Technical Specifications of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i : The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i is comes with various features. Some of them can be listed as below..
  • Dimensions  : 190 mm x 140 mm x 35 mm
  • Weight  : 167gram.
  • Operating Temperature  : -15°C to +55°C
  • Talktime  : 24 hour (Maximum with bluetooth)
  • Music  : 25 hour (Maximum with bluetooth)
  • Standby time  : 600 hour (With bluetooth)
  • Charging time  : Maximum 2 hour.
  • Bluetooth Version  : Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
  • Connectors  : Nokia AV connector, iPhone compatible AV connector & Audio cable.
The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i is now available in most of the cities and retailer in India and one can get the Headset in ready stock with all the retailers. Now no need to wait for it because it is now available with a special price in the market. Just go for it and enjoy the music with the Nokia BH 905i. The price of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH 905i is not very high and it is reasonable for the general people also.

The Nokia BH 905i Bluetooth Headset comes with some of consumables and spares, which includes the followings..
  • One Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905i
  • Carrying case and adapter for airplane is also comes in the standard sales package.
  • Audio Cable for Nokia AV connector & iPhone compatible connector with an extra Extension Audio Cable.
  • One each of Nokia AV and Audio Adapter, Adapter for home stereo & Audio adapter for VOiP.
  • One Nokia Charger and User manual.

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    November 25, 2010


    Nokia Mini speaker MD-11 : Its features, specification and availability in India

    The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is one of the important mobile accessories of Nokia Phones. It is one of the best speaker launched by Nokia with a couple of new features. It is a mini speaker with a big sound which can treated as a music system. It can be used with the mobile device, music player and various compatible devices and can enjoy the beauty of the music. The MD-11 is a small speaker which can be brought from one place to another and can keep in the pocket for which it is become very popular among the users. One can hear non-stop music up to 50 hours without changing the battery of the speaker. It can be also treated as the pocket music system which is east to carry to wherever you go or whenever you want music with a big sound.
    The Sleek and curved design is one of the main feature of the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11. It is a powerful mini speaker from where one can connect to an another mini speaker for stereo surrounding sound. The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is compatible with a wide range of Nokia phones and a lot of music players.

    Technical Specifications of Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 : The Nokia Mini-Speaker MD-11 is a stereo pocket and portable music player which is compatible with most of the Nokia phones and compatible with a lots of other devices and players. Some of its features like as below..
    • Dimensions  : 50.5 mm x 76.5 mm x 76.5 mm
    • Weight  : 150 gram (With battery)
    • Connectors  :  audio connector, 2.5 mm Nokia Audio Adapter
    • Operating time :  Up to 50 hours.
    The device is also compatible with the other devices which has a 3.5 mm audio connector and 2.5 mm connector with an additional adapter. It is now available in all the cities of India in a reasonable price. Users now can enjoy high quality audio with the Nokia MD-11 Mini speaker with a stereo sound up to unlimited 50 hours.
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    November 18, 2010


    Nokia Accessories : The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9

    Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 is the lightweight Nokia Speaker with big sound. The Nokia mini speaker MD-9 is the nokia speaker fits to the pocket which one can carried from one place to another to enjoy the music. Now it will become very easy to enjoy music through your Nokia Mobile device with a big sound by using the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9. The Nokia MD-9 has a in-built amplifier and omni-directional sound through which one can enjoy the big sound through the speaker. The speaker can be connect with a wide range of devices through the 3.5mm plug and Integrated radio antenna. The speaker needed two numbers of AAA batteries through which one can enjoy 50 hours of music continuously. It is to be noted that the battery need to be changed from time to time. The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 is presently available in only two colours i.e. Black and red.

    Technical Specifications of Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 : It is a small device with some extra and updated feature and technical specifications. This light weight speaker can be treat as the home theatre with its big and loudable sound. Some of the main technical features can be listed as below.. 
    • Dimensions  : 42 x 67 x67mm 
    • Weight  : 90 grams (Including 2 nos. of AAA batteries) 
    • Operating time : Up to 2 hours. 
    • Speaker  : 0.63 Watt RMS. 
    • Frequency  : 250-18000 Hz. 
    • Connectors  : 3.5mm AV Plug & 2.5mm compatible plug. 
    • Operating Keys : Power on/off, LED on/off status & Cable management system (CMS)   

    The main connectors of the device is the 3.5mm AV plug and the 2.5mm compatible plug and through the in-built amplifier one can enjoy the big sound system like a music system/Home theatre etc. Now you may enjoy anywhere without a music system if you have a Nokia MD-9 with a compatible Nokia Device. It is also best for any outdoor party or in the transit or on-the-go. 

    TheNokia MD-9 Mini speaker is not a large device which may keep in a pocket. The standard package of the same comes with a Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, a 2.5mm Nokia adapter, 2 nos. of AAA size batteries and a user manual. 

    The Nokia Mini Speaker (Model-MD-9) is available in the market now with a reasonable price. The information about the features and the technical specifications of the same may be changed and not 100% accurate and slightly differ with the device. The price may be also vary and differ depend upon the retailer, distributor or the region. 

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    November 16, 2010


    Nokia launch Mobile TV in Europe : Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W

    Now a days people can watch Television through their mobile phones. To enjoy the various TV programs no need to stay at home or in front of the Television. Most of the mobile users want to to see their favourite TV programs and channels in the mobile device. Recently the Nokia Mobiles also launched the Mobile TV facility in some selected Nokia models through which one can enjoy their favourite TV channels in the Nokia handsets. The Mobile TV facility of Nokia is mainly available in the Nokia N8 Smartphone and the other Symbian^3 devices which comes with USB-on-the-go features. The Digital Video Broadband – Handset (DVB-H) can turn the device to a portable television. The SU-33W is the Nokia Mobile TV receiver works with the mobile device as a TV which is presently available in two colours i.e. Black and metallic.
    • With the Nokia Mobile TV receiver one can receive DVB-H mobile TV broadcasting via Bluetooth in the mobile device.
    • One can see all the favourite TV channels on the mobile device on transit.
    • One can receive the voice calls without any problem at the time of watching Television. This helps the users to enjoy the both TV and calling facility equally.
    Technical Specifications of Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W : Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W is recently launched Nokia TV receiver which is available in Europe. Some of the main specifications are like--

    Dimension  : 92.4 x 45 x 9.8mm 
    Powered by  : Nokia BL-5C battery.
    Interfaces  : Bluetooth V2.0 with EDR, DVB-H streaming protocol.
    Weight  : 57gram (with battery)
    Operating Temp  : -15°C up to +55°C
    Operating Time : 12 hour.

    The sales package of Nokia SU-33W TV receiver includes a Nokia Mobile TV receiver SU-33W, a Nokia Battery, a Charger  and a User Manual.

    The Nokia Mobile TV receiver SU-33W is presently available in Europe only. We hope the same will be available in other parts of the globe in coming days. The expected price for the Nokia Mobile TV receiver SU-33W is €62.00 including taxes etc. The above mentioned price is for the Europe region and may be changed depend upon the region and the retailer.
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