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February 29, 2012


Nokia Asha 302 announced - One more phone added to Nokia Asha family

The Nokia Asha is a new series phone launched by Nokia recently and the Asha 302 is a latest model added to the family which is announced by Nokia in the month of February'2012. The Asha 302 is an easier way to stay connect anytime through various social networks which is available in the home screen in the phone. This beautifully designed QWERTY phone is crafted from premium materials with an attractive and metallic look. It comes with 3.5G and with a 1Ghz processor which ensures the fast operating and better performance. The various social networks and the chat applications are available in the home screen of the phone through which users can stay updated anytime or can chat instantly through the IM or WhatsApp application. Through the in-built Nokia web browser users can browse internet very fast with lower data charges.
The Nokia Asha comes with a couples of best applications including the WhatsApp applications and more apps can be download free of cost which is available in the Nokia store. It is a series 40 Asha operating system phone having 3G connectivity. The 2.4 inch wide screen and the QWERTY keypad is an added feature of the phone. Users can type fast, easily and comfortably through the keypad. Users can see the below demo video for more information about some features of the same..

Video Courtesy : Nokia Official Website

The Nokia Asha 302 comes in a wide range of colours and more colours are expecting in the coming days. The phone has external memory facility which allows MicroSD card up to 32GB which is sufficient to store music, videos etc. It has a combo memory with 256MB while it has a 128MB RAM. The maximum talktime can be done by using GSM is up to 9 hours and in WCDMA is 5.9 hours. The battery performance of the phone is very good and it can be keep in standby position up to 707 hours in GSM and 830 hours in WCDMA. The users can enjoy non-stop unlimited music up to 50 hours in the phone.

The phone comes with a 3.2MP camera with 4X smooth zoom facility. The phone can be switching automatically between GSM and WCDMA bands. It has excellent email facility which supports various email applications like Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, OVI mail etc. and the IM apps like GTalk, WhatsApp, Facebook chat and the others. It also supports VolP internet calls which is an attractive apps comes in the phone. It has in-built music players which supports different formats like MP3, AAC and eAAC+ etc. The stereo FM radio is also comes with recording facility and an external FM antenna. It is a 3G supported phone through which users can enjoy video calls easily.

The standard sales package of the Nokia Asha 302 contains a Asha 302, a Nokia battery, a wired headset, a charges and with the operating manual. Though the phone is not released till now but it will be available in the market very soon. We will inform you about the release, Price and the latest information of the same as it will be declared officially by Nokia.
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October 4, 2011


Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition for Europe - Nokia C3 touch and type now available with Gold

The Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type is an excellent and most popular Nokia C-Series phone with a lots of available new features and applications. Though the phone was released some days back but the Gold Edition of the phone launched recently which is already available in the Europe and it expected that the same will be available in the other region within a short time. It is a sleem and stylish phone comes with a 2.4 inch big and resistive touch screen. It has a 30MB of Internal memory which can be expandable up to 32 GB with a hot swappable MicroSD Memory card slot. The Nokia C3-01 is a Symbian S40 family phone having the facility of 3G connectivity and lots more. The 5 Megapixel camera of the phone with LED flash and full focus is one of the added feature of the phone. 

The Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition is now available for the Nokia Europe users. The Gold Edition is released after couple of days of release of the Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type phone for which the same will get a huge popularity among the users because the users already knows about the various facilities of the phone. 

The version of the Gold Edition of Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type phone is encased with 18 carat gold plating. The complete casing of the phone is encased with 18 carat gold which can be noticed in the front and as well as in the backside of the phone. The gold plated casing, 1 GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera, LED flash, Resistive touch screen etc. notifies that it is a luxurious and hi-profile mobile phone and everything runs better than ever. 

The Nokia C3-01 is very good for operating with its various easy features and the slimness of the phone helps the users to keep the same in one hand. The stereo bluetooth version 2.1 with EDR and high speed USB version 2.0 is also available in the phone. GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity is also available through which one can enjoy the internet facility in the phone. The OVI Store provides the platform from where users can download various applications and softwares free of cost which is essential for the phone. Various 3D and Java games can also be download free of cost from the Store. 

Though the gold edition is available for the Nokia Europe users only but it is expected that the same will be available for the users of the other region too. Now users can enjoy the gold mobile phone in hand with the Nokia C3-01 mobile phone. 
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September 27, 2011


Nokia USB Modem 21M-04 - Features, Specifications and Compatibility of USB Modem 21M-04

The Nokia 21M-04 is a latest USB Modem released by Nokia with a lots of new facilities and features through which users can enjoy faster and reliable download even in low network coverage area by just a single click. It can be used in  Netbooks, Laptop Computers and those computers which are running with Windows, Mac or Linux etc. The simple user interface and the set up is one of the added feature of the device. The device supports SDHC microSD cards which can be used up to 32GB. 

Through the Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem, users can get the fast 3.5G connections with high internet data transfer rates. One can user external Antenna system which is also support by the device for better network signals. It is a swivelling USB connector where the status of the device can get by the LED system. 

Technical Specifications of Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem
The Nokia USB Modem 21M-04 is announced few days back by Nokia Europe with a lots of new technical features. Some of the basic and main technical specifications of the device can be listed as below--
  • Device Dimensions  : 87.5 x 27 x 16 mm
  • Weight  : Approx 30 Grams
  • Operating Temp  : -15°C to +35°C
  • Connector  : USB Connector and External Antenna Connector
  • Memory Card Slot  : Hot swappable MicroSD Memory Card
  • Memory Card Capacity  : Up to 32 GB (Maximum)
  • Antenna Facility  : Pentabend Antenna and Diversity Antenna and Support for External Antenna
The device supports most of the Operating System i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7, Mac Operating System, Ubuntu and many others. Including English and Hindi Language the device supports more than 27 languages worldwide. It also supports Windows 7 Mobile Broadband. The sales package of the devices comes with the Modem 21M-04 with an user guide and an external antenna as optional. 
Compatibility of new Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem

The Nokia 21M-04 USB Modem is compatible with all Netbooks, Laptop and Desktop computer with the Following Operating Systems--
  • Windows XP Operating System with SP3 
  • Windows Vista with Service Pack 1.
  • Windows Operating System
  • Mac Operating System with Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion version.
  • Ubuntu version 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04.
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November 16, 2010


Nokia launch Mobile TV in Europe : Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W

Now a days people can watch Television through their mobile phones. To enjoy the various TV programs no need to stay at home or in front of the Television. Most of the mobile users want to to see their favourite TV programs and channels in the mobile device. Recently the Nokia Mobiles also launched the Mobile TV facility in some selected Nokia models through which one can enjoy their favourite TV channels in the Nokia handsets. The Mobile TV facility of Nokia is mainly available in the Nokia N8 Smartphone and the other Symbian^3 devices which comes with USB-on-the-go features. The Digital Video Broadband – Handset (DVB-H) can turn the device to a portable television. The SU-33W is the Nokia Mobile TV receiver works with the mobile device as a TV which is presently available in two colours i.e. Black and metallic.
  • With the Nokia Mobile TV receiver one can receive DVB-H mobile TV broadcasting via Bluetooth in the mobile device.
  • One can see all the favourite TV channels on the mobile device on transit.
  • One can receive the voice calls without any problem at the time of watching Television. This helps the users to enjoy the both TV and calling facility equally.
Technical Specifications of Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W : Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W is recently launched Nokia TV receiver which is available in Europe. Some of the main specifications are like--

Dimension  : 92.4 x 45 x 9.8mm 
Powered by  : Nokia BL-5C battery.
Interfaces  : Bluetooth V2.0 with EDR, DVB-H streaming protocol.
Weight  : 57gram (with battery)
Operating Temp  : -15°C up to +55°C
Operating Time : 12 hour.

The sales package of Nokia SU-33W TV receiver includes a Nokia Mobile TV receiver SU-33W, a Nokia Battery, a Charger  and a User Manual.

The Nokia Mobile TV receiver SU-33W is presently available in Europe only. We hope the same will be available in other parts of the globe in coming days. The expected price for the Nokia Mobile TV receiver SU-33W is €62.00 including taxes etc. The above mentioned price is for the Europe region and may be changed depend upon the region and the retailer.
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