June 15, 2014


Nokia XL Dual SIM Android Smartphone - Now available in affordable price in market

Nokia has recently launched the XL Dual SIM Android Smartphone which is became very popular in the market. It comes with a 12.7cm bigger display with a lots of attractive features. The launch of XL Dual SIM smartphone will bring a remarkable change in the android mobile market because it is not only an Android Smartphone but also a dual SIM phone with dual standby facility. Now Nokia users may enjoy all the latest and attract android apps in the Nokia Android phone too. With the customizable home screen of the phone users can take control with the resizeable tiles and can arrange all the favourite or important apps, contacts etc. in own choice.
There are a lots of attractive features from which we may get couples of reasons for why the phone becomes very popular among the users. Now we will discuss about some features about the Nokia XL Dual SIM phone. First of all we all knows that it is a Android device for which most of the users want to experienced it. It comes with a 1GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which ensures its super fast speed and fast internet browsing. It has a 12.7cm wide display with LCD display technology having 3 types of sensors i.e. Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer and Proximity sensor. It has dual SIM with dual standby facility where only Micro SIM can be inserted. Various connectivity like Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, WAPI is also available in the phone.

The battery backup of the Nokia XL dual SIM phone is an added feature while it can keep in standby mode up to 37 days. Maximum talktime in 2G network mode up to 16 hours while in 3G network mode it has 13 hours of talktime. Regarding the storage of the phone it has 4GB of mass memory while extended memory can be use up to 32GB with a MicroSD memory card. It has 768 MB of Random Access Memory.

Regarding communications features, the phone has a lots of mailing and instant messaging applications. Different Email clients such as Native Email Client, Microsoft ActiveSync, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc. are available in the phone. Users can check and editing of email attachments, inbox filtering very easily in the device. Various instant messaging services like Facebook, Twitter, Viber and WeChat is also available in the XL dual SIM phone. The 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus and 4X digital zoom helps users to capture the memorable moments in the device. Apart from above all these latest features users can access the world of the Android Apps in the Nokia XL dual SIM smartphone.

After all, the Nokia XL Dual SIM Smartphone became most popular among the Nokia users across the globe for its attractive and latest features. Regarding the cost of the smartphone it is also a budget phone which comes with an affordable price in the market and now it is also available in most of the stores. Users can now avail the offers for Nokia XL Smartphone directly from the Nokia India Official Website for an affordable price for Rs. 11,489.00 as on month of June'2014. Users can also search the nearest stores for avail the offer by using the Nokia Store Locator. Now its the time to enjoy the thousand of android apps in the Nokia Smartphones.
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June 16, 2013


Latest Software update for Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone (v.1232.5957.1308.00xx)

The Lumia 920 is the latest windows phone released by Nokia with a couples of new and unique features which is became most popular among the users. Nokia has a wide range of phones and new software update has been released time to time through which users can get the updated features of the existing applications. Users can update the phone very easily through their phone online to get the latest features. Nokia has recently released a software update for Lumia 920 smartphone. We have to look on some of the unique features of the Lumia 920 before discuss about the update.

It is not possible to discuss about the full features and specifications of Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone in a single article. We are trying here to mention about some unique and important features for which Lumia 920 becomes very popular among the users. This innovative smartphone has a 8.7 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss Lens, PureView Technology with optical image stabilization. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5Ghz processor and it has the facility of wireless charging. The super sensitive touch screen technology helps users to enjoy the best touch facility in the phone. The various sensors like Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer are works in the Lumia 920 windows phone. It has a 1GB RAM, 32GB Mass memory and comes with a free cloud storage of 7GB. Please note that it is not the full specifications of the Lumia 920 but just an introduction about the phone.

The latest update v.1232.5957.1308.00xx of the Nokia Lumia 920 brought four latest update which can be listed as below…
  • The improvement of automatic display brightness adjustment is an important update of this software update. After updating the same in the Lumia 920 smartphone users wouldn’t get any problem regarding the automatic display brightness adjustment in the phone and the phone will automatically adjust the brightness. Depending on the light system brightness will be increased or decreased automatically.
  • Fixing for intermittent screen blanking during a call which means that the users of Lumia 920 wouldn’t get any problems of intermittent screen blanking during phone calls.
  • The Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone has the facility of proximity sensor and this latest software will update all the proximity sensor parameters of the phone.
  • Each and every user expect the best performance and stability for their phone and this software update will improve the same. Now the users can enjoy best and updated performance and stability than earlier through updating their phone with this latest update version 1232.5957.1308.00xx.
How to update software for Lumia 920 Smartphone : The software updating process in Nokia devices is very easy and we have already a Tutorial for software Update in Nokia Mobiles where one can get step-by-step tutorial for update the same. The availability for the update may depend upon the network service provider and to get the available update in Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, you have to go to settings and get the phone update section. Please note that your phone need to be connect with internet to update the same in your phone.
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August 5, 2012


ESPN Radio is available in Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone

Enjoying a radio channel in the mobile phone is an amazing experience for each and every mobile users through which one can get the latest news around us and enjoy music and others at the same time. Most of the Nokia phones has the regional FM radio facility and now Nokia has developed the ESPN Radio Apps for its Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone Series which was announced on 3rd August'2012. Now the users can get the ESPN radio on their mobiles through which they can stay updated with the latest news and happenings.

The ESPN Radio apps recently launched by Nokia is a great application for the Nokia Lumia owners which will provides a couples of podcasts and customizable stations. Users can get customizable stations and more than 35 ESPN radio poscasts in this apps. The SportsCenter is also available here through which users can listen about the sports and it is updated in every 20 minutes which meant users can get the every latest and updated news in 20 minutes. Apart from these, it also broadcasts all ESPN radio stations, Radio network and the ESPN Deportes. The users also can listen each and every games of World series, Wimbledon etc. and all the other games that ESPN broadcasts.

Like the SportsCenter, the apps also show about the latest and most popular stories in real time basis which is updated throughout the day. Users can give their thumbs up or down based on the impression on that particular article. There are some unique features in the ESPN Radio apps through which users can save and mark their favourite stations and could see the live programs going on in each station. Secondly, The discussions which are going on in Twitter and the upcoming schedules could also be view easily through this apps. Users also can listen the offline shows and can download the audio content on demand. This ESPN Radio is a best applications for those sport lovers who want to enjoy most of the sports in ESPN channel. It takes the best sports programming on the Radio and through which any user can stay updated with the latest news and can keep up-to-date their team and hear it from the favourite ESPN station in their Lumia Phone.

Though this application is launched on 3rd August'2012, but there might be a delay in the Windows Phone MarketPlace regarding delay and so the users are request to wait till publishing of the same . It is expect that the same will be available after the update of the MarketPlace Page. Users are requested to check the MarketPlace in your Nokia Lumia Phone for avail the same for your device. After all, the ESPN Radio is a very great application which is now available for Nokia Lumia Phones which comes with various facilities and features and users can now enjoys all the games, plays, sports and many others in their mobile devices too.
Source : Nokia Conversations
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June 7, 2012


YouTube HD+ Apps - Enjoy and Download HD videos in Nokia Smartphones from Nokia Store

Some days back we have published an article about the YouTube Downloader which is one of the best downloader to download the videos from YouTube directly to the Nokia Phones. It is also very much popular among most of the Nokia users recently. Like this the YouTube HD+ is also one of the best application for the Nokia Smartphones for download videos from YouTube in high definition which is now available in Nokia Store. Sometimes we face problems in enjoying the videos due to the poor quality but now this is fixed and users can now enjoy and HD videos by using the YouTube HD+ apps by downloading from Nokia Store. Now users may download high Definition (HD) videos for their Nokia smartphones through YouTube HD+ apps by paying only a minimum charge which is easily downloadable from Nokia Store.

It is the best YouTube application for the Nokia smartphone and the elegant and simple interface of the same gives the user a pleasant and intuitive use. The application is also affordable for the YouTube users too to watch and enjoy various favourite videos and much more. This application is provided by KOONOOZ and it is a small file to download which is a 0.83MB file. The downloading and Installing process is also very easy for which no technical knowledge is required. Now you just have to download the YouTube HD+ application to enjoy the various new features of the apps and the new and latest HD videos from the YouTube. Though most of us use the Nokia Store to get the latest softwares and apps but there are many users who did not know about the store and how to Download or install the same to there phones. Here we are trying to elaborate the process of downloading the same from the Store.

How to download YouTube HD+ to Nokia Mobiles : The downloading process of an application or software from Nokia Store is very easy which can be done easily in two ways i.e. by using your phone or by using the Nokia Phone Selector from the Store website. By using the Nokia Phone Selector users can check the compatibility of the apps for the device. You have to select your phone model and it will show that the apps is compatible for your device or not. If it shows that the same is compatible with your device then you can set there your phone number to get the direct download link in your phone as a text message and after that you can download and install the same in your phone.

The second easy way to download the same in your device is the Nokia Store which is available in your phone and you have to open the same in the Store. If your phone is compatible for the same then it will be available under applications tab in the store. After clicking on the same it will show you the download link and you may download and install the same from this link. Please remember one thing that for download the same it is needed a valid internet connection.

Now Nokia Smartphone users can enjoy the YouTube videos in high definition through the YouTube HD+ apps which can be download from Store. Regarding download and installation process, if you need any Help then please leave a comment below and we will try to help you regarding the same.
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May 26, 2012


Nokia Lumia 610 NFC - The new Nokia Lumia phone announced

The Nokia Lumia 610 NFC is a latest Phone under Lumia Series announced by Nokia recently. This sleek stylish phone comes with delicious colours through which the users can personalize colours depending on the mood. This metallic stylish sleek phone has a lots of applications which is also best for stay in touch with friends and with others. Users can get the various updates in the live feeds of the phone. Different social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and contacts etc. are available in the phone and can be easily reach and it has the facility to create various groups for keep the contacts there. The name of the phone indicate that it comes with built-in NFC feature. The NFC is an easy way to connect wirelessly through which users can connect to loudspeakers or any NFC supported accessories just by one tap only and can easily share or transfer any music, images etc. Through the Nokia Drive Apps available in the phone which can give you turn-by-turn navigation. The Nokia Maps helps the users to discover new places nearby and around the world. The new application Nokia Transport shows the details about the Bus stops, various routes with times etc. Users also can Download thousand of applications from the Nokia Store free of cost.

Users can enjoy full entertainment with the phone with music, videos, social networks and with many others. Also there is Xbox Live which is best for enjoy full entertainment. The phone has a 256MB of RAM while the internal storage memory of the phone is 8GB while it has not any MicroSD card slot facility. Apart from the internal storage the SkyDrive facility is also available in the phone. Users can enjoy 35 hours of unlimited music while videos can be play non-stop up to 7 hours. The 3.7 inch LCD display of the is best for enjoy images, videos, browsing and many more. The capacitive touch screen of the phone has comes with the pinch zoom feature. We all knows that the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC is specially designed with the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature through which users can set up, pairing and connected with the other Bluetooth devices, headset and loudspeakers which is compatible with NFC. Apart from the NFC, other various connectivity like Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, USB 2.0, Micro USB connector, Nokia 3.5 mm AHJ connector and many others. Windows phone 7.5 Mango is the in-built Operating System of the phone. The various common applications like Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, Office applications are available in the phone. Some of the unique apps are also available which includes Nokia Drive, Nokia contacts transfer, Application highlights, Bing Maps, Xbox Live Hub, Marketplace etc.
Users can enjoy different Email and messaging facilities in the phone where various Email solution support like Nokia Mail, GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and many others. Apart from these users can get various instant messaging apps through which they can messaging and chat instantly with their friends and others. The Internet Explorer v9.0 is comes with the phone as an internal web browser through which users can browse internet easily and more conveniently. The various GPS and navigation facilities like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Transport, Bing Maps etc. are also available in the phone. It has a 5MP camera which comes with Auto focus, LED flash, Anti shake, geo-tagging and many others. High definition video can also be made with 1280X720 pixels resolution.

Apart from the above technical features the phone has a lots of features and users can fully enjoy the various features which is specially designed. We hope it will be one of the popular phone in the market for its unique feature of Near Field Communication (NFC) but we have to wait till the launch of the phone to enjoy the various new features and applications available in the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC.

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April 20, 2012


Nokia C6-01 - Latest software available (Nokia Belle) version 111.030.0609

The Nokia C6-01 Smartphone is a most popular phone among the users which has a lots of unique features and benefits. This compact Smartphone has comes with the ClearBlack Technology 3.2 inch AMOLED display. The 3.2 inch big touch screen is best for clear visibility and net surfing. The scratch proof feature of the Nokia C6-01 is an important feature while it has corning gorilla glass display which ensures the scratch proof of the phone. This is a Symbian^3 family phone where users can get popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. The instant messaging facility is also available in the phone while users can set up multiple email accounts in the phone.

The phone has an internal memory capacity up to 340 MB. It has a MicroSD Card slot through which users can extend the storage capacity up to 32GB. The 8 mega pixel camera with 2X digital zoom is best for capture high quality images and for HD videos. It has a dual LED flash and comes with the face recognition feature. The secondary VGA camera which is available in the phone is for specially designed for video calls. The excellent audio quality with mono IHF speaker is an added feature of the phone. It comes with the Symbian Anna operating system. Users can see the below demo video for more information about the phone..

Video Courtesy : Nokia Official YouTube Channel

Latest Software Update for Nokia C6-01 Smartphone : Nokia released the latest Software updates for their phones from time to time. The Last update v.014.002 was released for the Nokia C6-01 in the mid of the year 2011. Now, recently Nokia released the latest Software for the same which is named as Nokia Belle. It means the users can enjoy the Nokia Belle Operating System after the update. Some of the basic updated features of the said update is as follows...
  • Users can get up to six home screens with various live widgets in different sizes after update the phone with this latest update.
  • With the home screens, users can personalize their home screens with various widgets and shortcuts. But it can be possible after update the phone with the latest software.
  • After this update, users can search any places, destinations etc. through the simpler menus. So, you get the information quickly where you wanted to go.
  • This update will bring a couple of improved apps for Navigation, Imaging and in Browsing. Users can enjoy better experience in the above applications.
  • After the update users will get six customizable screen and various notifications and connectivity options can be seen in any one of the screen. Users can customize the lock screen of the phone by using any wallpapers or any important information etc.
These are some of the main features of the latest update of Nokia C6-01 smartphone. As we all knows that, every update brings some common features like below..
  • The latest versions of the various applications which are available in the phone.
  • The performance improvements of the various applications and the battery of the phone.
How to Update software for Nokia C6-01 : We have published an article earlier on the various steps for updating software for Nokia Mobiles which can be read in Software Update Tutorial. Users can get the various Ways and steps for update software in Nokia mobiles. We are ready to help you for any problem facing in the process of updating the same in your mobiles.
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April 9, 2012


Nokia Lumia 800 latest software update released v1600.2487.8107.12070

The Lumia phone series is an attractive and the latest series of mobile phone of Nokia which is become very popular among the users. The Nokia Lumia 800 is the Windows Phone which comes with in-built storage of 16GB and with a 512 MB RAM. Lumia 800 is a very attractive, sleek and light weight windows phone having 3.7 inch AMOLED display. Users can avail and browse the various social networks easily through the phone which is available in homepage of the phone. On the other hand, the Lumia 800 can be treated as the Business phone where the Office tools are available. The 8MP camera is an added feature of the phone comes with Carl-Zeiss optics, LED flash, auto focus and 28mm wide angle lens. It is best for capture any high resolution images and can made high definition videos by using the phone. Through the in-built Internet Explorer v9.0, users can avail fast browsing in Nokia Lumia 800. All the windows facilities are available in this latest Lumia 800 phone. The music and video playback time is an added feature of the same while users can enjoy unlimited music up to 55 hours and videos up to 6.5 hours.

Latest software update for Lumia 800 released : We all know that Nokia releases new software updates for the various Nokia mobiles from time to time which brings some new and updated features and applications. The Previous Software Update of Lumia 800 v.1600.2483.8106.11500 was released some days back in the first month of 2012 which carried some update on Battery performance, Wi-Fi, Voicemail and on the Operating system of the phone.
Recently Nokia announced the latest Software update for Lumia 800 version 1600.2487.8107.12070 which also brings some latest features for the same. The highlights of the above mentioned version update can be listed as below..

  • The greater battery standby and the talk time performance is an important feature of the update so that users can get better standby time on talk time and battery of the phone.
  • Better performance of Bass on Audio is an another feature of the update. We know that Lumia 800 has the facility of enjoy unlimited music up to 55 hours. Now the users can get an attractive bass in the audio of the phone after update this latest version of the software update.
  • During ending a phone call, now users would not get any non-responsive screen in the phone. The latest update fixed this and the users may enjoy the same after updating their Lumia 800 phone.
  • Like the above, users now did not get any problem of re-booting of the phone. The Lumia 800 latest software update fixed prevent of re-booting in certain network conditions.
These are the main highlights of the software update v1600.2487.8107.12070. Now Nokia Lumia 800 users can enjoy more and more by updating the latest software released by Nokia.

How to update software for Nokia Mobiles : We have already published an article earlier on the various steps to update software. The details about the various steps for update can be read in Software Update Tutorials.

The Software update can be done in 3 easy ways i.e. By using the Nokia Device, By using a PC or Laptop and by sending typing commands (*#0000#) which can be read in details in our previous post. From the above screenshot users can get an idea how to update any software for Nokia phones by using Nokia Suite (OVI Suite). Users are requested to let us know about any problems facing during the updating software and we would try to give you way to solve the same.
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