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September 20, 2015


Best Antivirus Pro 2015 - Download free mobile antivirus for Nokia Mobiles

The antivirus is an essential important apps for all types of mobiles which helps the users to protect the files and the apps from attacking of virus. An antivirus is a very essential programs for the mobile now a days because most of the files has the chances of attacking by virus. Although there are a couples of Mobile Antivirus are available in the Opera Mobile Store but here in this post we are discussing about the latest mobile antivirus Best Antivirus Pro 2015 which is now available for download in Opera Mobile Store free of cost. We have already post an article about the mobile antivirus in our Previous Post but the Best Antivirus Pro 2015 is the latest mobile antivirus which can help you to keep your files free from the attack of virus. Here in this article we will provide the details about the Antivirus, how to install and about the advantages of the said antivirus which can help you to configure the same in your Nokia mobiles.

The Best Antivirus Pro 2015 is one of the best App in Opera Mobile store which is now available for free download at the store. Now the updated version 2 is available for download for which you have to download a small size of file for 250KB. To download the same your device have to be connected to internet for which data charges may apply. After download the same install it on your device and your phone will be ready to protect the viruses from attacking the files. Now your device is ready to kills all virus from your phone as well as from SD card. The main features of the app can be highlighted as below:
  • Scan all viruses and clean your files from virus attacking in your phone and as well as in SD Card.
  • The antivirus will be update every month for which you have connect you device to the internet.
  • It is very easy and comfortable to use.
The Best Antivirus Pro 2015 is now available for download from the Opera Mobile Store or optionally you can download the same from This Download Link. Remember this is a free app and you have not to pay any charges for it. Just you have to connect your phone to internet for download the app. Hope this app will help you to secure your files from the virus infection. If you face any problems during the downloading and installation of the app then please comment below and we will Help you.

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June 16, 2013


Latest Software update for Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone (v.1232.5957.1308.00xx)

The Lumia 920 is the latest windows phone released by Nokia with a couples of new and unique features which is became most popular among the users. Nokia has a wide range of phones and new software update has been released time to time through which users can get the updated features of the existing applications. Users can update the phone very easily through their phone online to get the latest features. Nokia has recently released a software update for Lumia 920 smartphone. We have to look on some of the unique features of the Lumia 920 before discuss about the update.

It is not possible to discuss about the full features and specifications of Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone in a single article. We are trying here to mention about some unique and important features for which Lumia 920 becomes very popular among the users. This innovative smartphone has a 8.7 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss Lens, PureView Technology with optical image stabilization. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5Ghz processor and it has the facility of wireless charging. The super sensitive touch screen technology helps users to enjoy the best touch facility in the phone. The various sensors like Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer are works in the Lumia 920 windows phone. It has a 1GB RAM, 32GB Mass memory and comes with a free cloud storage of 7GB. Please note that it is not the full specifications of the Lumia 920 but just an introduction about the phone.

The latest update v.1232.5957.1308.00xx of the Nokia Lumia 920 brought four latest update which can be listed as below…
  • The improvement of automatic display brightness adjustment is an important update of this software update. After updating the same in the Lumia 920 smartphone users wouldn’t get any problem regarding the automatic display brightness adjustment in the phone and the phone will automatically adjust the brightness. Depending on the light system brightness will be increased or decreased automatically.
  • Fixing for intermittent screen blanking during a call which means that the users of Lumia 920 wouldn’t get any problems of intermittent screen blanking during phone calls.
  • The Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone has the facility of proximity sensor and this latest software will update all the proximity sensor parameters of the phone.
  • Each and every user expect the best performance and stability for their phone and this software update will improve the same. Now the users can enjoy best and updated performance and stability than earlier through updating their phone with this latest update version 1232.5957.1308.00xx.
How to update software for Lumia 920 Smartphone : The software updating process in Nokia devices is very easy and we have already a Tutorial for software Update in Nokia Mobiles where one can get step-by-step tutorial for update the same. The availability for the update may depend upon the network service provider and to get the available update in Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, you have to go to settings and get the phone update section. Please note that your phone need to be connect with internet to update the same in your phone.
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April 20, 2012


Nokia C6-01 - Latest software available (Nokia Belle) version 111.030.0609

The Nokia C6-01 Smartphone is a most popular phone among the users which has a lots of unique features and benefits. This compact Smartphone has comes with the ClearBlack Technology 3.2 inch AMOLED display. The 3.2 inch big touch screen is best for clear visibility and net surfing. The scratch proof feature of the Nokia C6-01 is an important feature while it has corning gorilla glass display which ensures the scratch proof of the phone. This is a Symbian^3 family phone where users can get popular social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. The instant messaging facility is also available in the phone while users can set up multiple email accounts in the phone.

The phone has an internal memory capacity up to 340 MB. It has a MicroSD Card slot through which users can extend the storage capacity up to 32GB. The 8 mega pixel camera with 2X digital zoom is best for capture high quality images and for HD videos. It has a dual LED flash and comes with the face recognition feature. The secondary VGA camera which is available in the phone is for specially designed for video calls. The excellent audio quality with mono IHF speaker is an added feature of the phone. It comes with the Symbian Anna operating system. Users can see the below demo video for more information about the phone..

Video Courtesy : Nokia Official YouTube Channel

Latest Software Update for Nokia C6-01 Smartphone : Nokia released the latest Software updates for their phones from time to time. The Last update v.014.002 was released for the Nokia C6-01 in the mid of the year 2011. Now, recently Nokia released the latest Software for the same which is named as Nokia Belle. It means the users can enjoy the Nokia Belle Operating System after the update. Some of the basic updated features of the said update is as follows...
  • Users can get up to six home screens with various live widgets in different sizes after update the phone with this latest update.
  • With the home screens, users can personalize their home screens with various widgets and shortcuts. But it can be possible after update the phone with the latest software.
  • After this update, users can search any places, destinations etc. through the simpler menus. So, you get the information quickly where you wanted to go.
  • This update will bring a couple of improved apps for Navigation, Imaging and in Browsing. Users can enjoy better experience in the above applications.
  • After the update users will get six customizable screen and various notifications and connectivity options can be seen in any one of the screen. Users can customize the lock screen of the phone by using any wallpapers or any important information etc.
These are some of the main features of the latest update of Nokia C6-01 smartphone. As we all knows that, every update brings some common features like below..
  • The latest versions of the various applications which are available in the phone.
  • The performance improvements of the various applications and the battery of the phone.
How to Update software for Nokia C6-01 : We have published an article earlier on the various steps for updating software for Nokia Mobiles which can be read in Software Update Tutorial. Users can get the various Ways and steps for update software in Nokia mobiles. We are ready to help you for any problem facing in the process of updating the same in your mobiles.
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April 9, 2012


Nokia Lumia 800 latest software update released v1600.2487.8107.12070

The Lumia phone series is an attractive and the latest series of mobile phone of Nokia which is become very popular among the users. The Nokia Lumia 800 is the Windows Phone which comes with in-built storage of 16GB and with a 512 MB RAM. Lumia 800 is a very attractive, sleek and light weight windows phone having 3.7 inch AMOLED display. Users can avail and browse the various social networks easily through the phone which is available in homepage of the phone. On the other hand, the Lumia 800 can be treated as the Business phone where the Office tools are available. The 8MP camera is an added feature of the phone comes with Carl-Zeiss optics, LED flash, auto focus and 28mm wide angle lens. It is best for capture any high resolution images and can made high definition videos by using the phone. Through the in-built Internet Explorer v9.0, users can avail fast browsing in Nokia Lumia 800. All the windows facilities are available in this latest Lumia 800 phone. The music and video playback time is an added feature of the same while users can enjoy unlimited music up to 55 hours and videos up to 6.5 hours.

Latest software update for Lumia 800 released : We all know that Nokia releases new software updates for the various Nokia mobiles from time to time which brings some new and updated features and applications. The Previous Software Update of Lumia 800 v.1600.2483.8106.11500 was released some days back in the first month of 2012 which carried some update on Battery performance, Wi-Fi, Voicemail and on the Operating system of the phone.
Recently Nokia announced the latest Software update for Lumia 800 version 1600.2487.8107.12070 which also brings some latest features for the same. The highlights of the above mentioned version update can be listed as below..

  • The greater battery standby and the talk time performance is an important feature of the update so that users can get better standby time on talk time and battery of the phone.
  • Better performance of Bass on Audio is an another feature of the update. We know that Lumia 800 has the facility of enjoy unlimited music up to 55 hours. Now the users can get an attractive bass in the audio of the phone after update this latest version of the software update.
  • During ending a phone call, now users would not get any non-responsive screen in the phone. The latest update fixed this and the users may enjoy the same after updating their Lumia 800 phone.
  • Like the above, users now did not get any problem of re-booting of the phone. The Lumia 800 latest software update fixed prevent of re-booting in certain network conditions.
These are the main highlights of the software update v1600.2487.8107.12070. Now Nokia Lumia 800 users can enjoy more and more by updating the latest software released by Nokia.

How to update software for Nokia Mobiles : We have already published an article earlier on the various steps to update software. The details about the various steps for update can be read in Software Update Tutorials.

The Software update can be done in 3 easy ways i.e. By using the Nokia Device, By using a PC or Laptop and by sending typing commands (*#0000#) which can be read in details in our previous post. From the above screenshot users can get an idea how to update any software for Nokia phones by using Nokia Suite (OVI Suite). Users are requested to let us know about any problems facing during the updating software and we would try to give you way to solve the same.
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March 17, 2012


Latest Software Update v30.2012.07-1 released for Nokia N9-00 Smartphone

We all knows that the Nokia N9-00 Smartphone is the best smartphone which was announced by Nokia in the month of June'2011 which is comes with the MeeGo Operating system. This pure touch screen smartphone has no any button where users can do all these things by touching only and it is already got familiar in the market. The 3.9 inch very big AMOLED touch screen of the phone covered with Gorilla glass and the phone is scratch proof which is made by poly carbonate materials. The 8MP camera of the phone has auto focus, Carl-Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and the 28mm lens of the phone is best for High definition videos. The internal storage capacity of the phone is for 16GB and it supports expandable memory up to 64GB with a hot swappable MicroSD memory card. The N9 supports the Near Field Communication (NFC) through which users can easily share images, videos and can enjoy music, videos etc. through any wireless speaker. It also has a 1GB RAM through which users can enjoy fast loading in the phone contents or any webpage. This 3G phone has a secondary camera for using video calls etc. The Nokia N9 smartphone is the first pure touch smartphone and it is the first phone where the Dolby plus decoding facility is available and so that the users can enjoy an excellent sound quality in the phone.

New software released for Nokia N9-00 : The Nokia recently announced the latest Software version 30.2012.07-1 for the N9 Smartphone which brings a couple of update and latest features. Some of the updates and the latest features of the update can be listed as below..
  • Video call support for Google Talk is an important feature of the update and the users can avail the application from the Nokia Store free of cost.
  • Now the camera of the phone can shooting continuously in the burst mode with three frames in a second.
  • Users can tag in any photos with names after update the software as the update brings the Face Recognition feature.
  • After update the same users can create playlists in the music player and also can delete any song directly in the Player.
  • Though the N9 users could view the web browsing history but after this update they can get more features as the update improve the browsing history view.
  • Extended copy and paste feature in website and in documents is an another feature of this latest update.
  • The latest update of the Nokia N9 brings more languages. Apart from the earlier languages available in the phone the users now can get other 4 languages i.e. Hebrew, Persian, Vietnamese and the Kazakh.
Apart from the above new updated features it has more than hundred of features and usability improvements come with this update. Different drive features like route options, speed alerts, compass support etc. are some of the other important features of the update. Please note that all the above updated features may not be available for your device or somewhere it may be available countrywise.

How to update software for Nokia Mobiles : The Nokia Mobile users can update the latest softwares for their devices by using the mobile or by using a PC. We have already published an article earlier about the steps to Update Software for Nokia Mobiles where one can get the complete tutorials about the process of updating software in a Nokia device. If you facing or having any problem at the time of updating the same, please let us know and we will try our best to give you more details about the same.
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March 10, 2012


Advance Call Manager for Nokia E-Series phones - Free download from Nokia Store

The Advance Call Manager is an application provided by Melon (WebGate) for the Nokia E-Series phones which is now available for free download in the Nokia Store. This application comes with a couple of features and benefits which can be avail in the Nokia E63, Nokia E66 and the Nokia E71. By using this application, one can manage their incoming calls anytime and anywhere by the various features provided in the Advance Call Manager.

The Call Manager is an essential apps for any mobile devices through which users manage their calls in own choice. Sometimes and somewhere it is not possible to accept or reject any incoming calls in the phone depend upon the environment. This call manager provides you a lots of features to handle your calls and set your call management in various ways. The various facilities and benefits of the same is as follows..
  • The manager handles the incoming calls for different callers in different approaches.
  • The ACM accepts, rejects and can forward calls as you set in the application.
  • If you did not want to accept a call then you can send a personalized SMS to the caller which you have to set for the same.
  • Through the application, users can plays a greeting to the ringer or can mute the ringer.
  • Users can save different profiles and can schedule the same as per time or the schedule.
  • The Advance Call Manager has a feature through which users can create the Black or White list and can manage the contacts of the phone to these lists. If you didn't want any calls from any particular number then you may keep the number in the Blacklist so that you couldn't get any incoming calls from that selected number.
  • The application also has a template facility where one can save or create special messages. Call handling actions can also be assigned and the template messages can be set for the each and every groups very easily.
We have told you above that the Advance Call Manager is available for the Nokia E66, E71 and Nokia E63 and the same is available for free download in Nokia Store. It is a very small file required only 0.28MB space in the the phone. You can also install the same in Memory Card too.

How to Download Advance Call Manager for Nokia Mobiles : The downloading process of any Software or application from Store is very easy which can be done through using the mobile device or by using a PC. But it is needed to check the compatibility of the same for your device. Because some applications are available for some specific device only and that is why it is essential to check if the same is compatible for your device or not. The compatibility for the Advance Call Manager can check by using the Nokia Phone Selector where you have to select your phone model and it will let you know that your device is compatible or not for the same. Users can Download and install directly the same to their device through the Nokia Suite connected with the PC.

Now, through the Apps user can enjoy the benefits of the same and stay away from getting disturbing by phone calls because through this application they can handle and manage their calls in own choice. Please share your views and let us know about any problem facing during download and installation process and we will try to suggest you for trouble free installation.
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February 5, 2012


Download Tax Calculator for Nokia Mobiles - How to calculate tax by using Nokia phone

The Income Tax is the tax which has to be paid to the concerned department which is depend on the income of a person. There is a maximum limit of the income and after crossing the limit the person need to pay a percentage of the income as tax to the department. Although most of the people paid their tax timely within the financial year but some people didn't have a clear idea about the planning and payable of tax. The ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company provide the Tax Calculator application for calculate the same which is now available in the mobile device also. Now the Nokia mobile users also avail this facility in their mobile device to calculate their liabilities which is now available in the Nokia store for free download.

The right tax planning is an important task of an individual for which it has to be calculate properly. This application is provided by ICICI is not only helps to calculate the liability of tax of an individual but also to maximize the tax savings in various ways. The application provides a form where you have to submit various information regarding the tax and the investment and after submit the full information it will display the total taxable income and the amount which is to be paid to the government.
How to Download the Tax Calculator for Nokia Mobiles : The Nokia Store has a lots of applications which is totally free for download for the Nokia devices except some of the special applications. Nokia mobile users may get most of the important application and software for their device here and the Tax Calculator is also one of them. The downloading process of any software or application from the store is very easy which can be done by two easy ways..
  • If you are using the Nokia suite in your PC or laptop for browsing internet then you can set your phone by using the Nokia Phone selector. It will display a list of the available devices from where you have to select your device.
  • After select your device you may get two ways to download or install the same i.e. either you can get the download link through SMS in your mobile or can download it in the PC where your device is connected. If you want the download link in your mobile device then you have to put your mobile number in the space provided. The link for download will send to your device as SMS through which you can avail the same.
Please remember that you have to login to the store and a valid internet connection is needed to avail the application in your device or in the PC. Users also can get the same by using their Nokia device by go through the Nokia store which is available in Business category under the Application Tab in the store.

If you get any trouble or problem during the process of download and installation the Tax Calculator application in your phone, please do let us know about the problem in details and we will try our best to give the way to solve it.
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January 21, 2012


Latest software update for Nokia Lumia 800 vSW 1600.2483.8106.11500

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the latest launch by Nokia which is now very popular among the users across the globe for its outstanding features and facilities. Its not possible to mention the all features, specifications and applications available in the Nokia Lumia 800 windows phone. Almost all the applications and features are available in the windows smartphone for which it get a unbelievable popularity across the globe. Users can treat this windows phone as a PC where one may get all the windows and business facilities and applications. The 512MB RAM and faster processor of the phone helps to load the pages and applications very quickly. It has 16GB internal storage capacity with a 25GB SkyDrive memory feature. 

It is a pure touch screen phone have nothing any key and the the smooth and sleek body is flows around the display of the phone for which each and every things and objects are displayed clearly and visibly. It comes with 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen and ClearBlack AMOLED display with the Windows phone operating system v7.5. The high resolution 8MP camera of the phone has the facility of Auto focus, LED flash and comes with the carl-zeiss optics. The various social networks is easily accessible through the home screen of the phone and multiple emails can be created which supports various email protocols like SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4. Various great and popular applications can be avail in the Lumia 800 smartphone which includes eBay, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia etc. A couple of popular and great games are also available in the phone like Angry Bird, Splitaire, Flight control, Assassin's creed, Fruit Ninja and many others. The WhatsApp application is comes with the phone absolutely for a year and thereafter user may get the same by spending only $1.99 per year. 

Latest software update of Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone : Nokia released the latest software update for Lumia 800 with some updated and latest features. The main features of the update vSW 1600.2483.8106.11500 can be listed as below..

Battery Performance : The update will improve the performance of the battery than earlier. After updating the software the phone battery will gave better performance. 
Wi-Fi Connectivity : The better Wi-Fi connectivity is the another feature of the update. Though the phone has the in-built wi-fi but it will gave better result with more speed after the update. 
Better voicemail notification : After update the software users can enjoy better voicemail and will get each and every notification on the phone. 
► Improvements of Local Scout is an another feature of the software update. 
Latest update of Operating system : The Nokia Lumia is a windows phone comes with the windows operating system v7.5. This software update is comes with the update of the operating system of the phone with version 7.10.8107.79. 

Now users can update their Nokia Lumia 800 with the latest software with the above mentioned features which can be updated by using the device or by using a PC. To know more about how to update the software for the Nokia mobiles one can read the tutorials which is available in Tutorials for Software Update.
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November 20, 2011


Download Theft Aware 2.0 full version - The top anti-theft software for Nokia Smartphones

It is very important to keep your phone safe from the thief and other misuses which can now prevent through the Theft-Aware software 2.0 full version which is now available for download from Nokia OVI store free of cost. An anti-theft software is a most valuable software for all of us  so that we can track the position of the mobile while another SIM card is used in the mobile. This software will help you to how to track your lost phone or how to recover your phone from thief.

The Theft Aware 2.0 full version is now available for the Nokia Smartphones for free download from the Nokia Store. It is provided by ITAgents which is very helpful for smartphone users to track the thief details. Theft aware is the only software which provides Remote commands and GPS tracking. The software has many other facilities like online map support, phone lock facility and many others.

How to track your phone from thief through Theft Aware 2.0 : Through Theft Aware 2.0 version, we can protect our phone from the thief or we can track the same if it is lost. The software send a message when any other SIM inserted in your phone to those two numbers which you have inserted at the time of register. In the SMS the following information will be provided by the Theft Aware software..
  • The phone number of that SIM which is inserted in your phone.
  • The details of the network of the SIM.
  • GPS coordination if available and
  • The link to the online map service.
Through the above information one can track the phone easily. One can also set up a lock code and a customized Siren for the phone. If you set up a lock code then the thief couldn't open the phone without the lock code and when the thief will use an another SIM then your customized siren will work. Wipe phone facility, Back-up contacts etc, facilities is also available in the software. 

To avail the software you have to download the same from Nokia Store and need to be installed your phone and after that you can setting the various options and facilities in your own choice. One can also Download Theft Aware 2.0 software from the Nokia store free of cost. Please see the below screenshot for more information..
Please see the above screenshot and you could see the option 'Set my phone' where you can set your phone for the software. The download option is also available just below the 'Set my phone' option. Please remember for download the same you have to register in Nokia store. For those who have already registered in Nokia Store need to be login for download the Theft Aware 2.0 full version anti-theft software. 

Hope the above article will help the readers to download the anti-theft software for the Nokia Mobile phones. If you face any problem during installation or set up, please let us know with details and we will try to help you to solve it out. Now you may be able to track or recover your lost phone by using the Theft Aware software easily. 
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November 6, 2011


New Software released for Nokia N8 (025.007) and Nokia N900 (20.2010.36.2)

The Nokia N8 and the Nokia N900, both the phones are became very popular among the users. Both the phones are rock the market with the vast popularity in a short period of time. These 3G phone are comes with most of the facilities and the applications for which it is very popular among all the users. The Nokia launches the software updates for the various phones which can be updates through the mobile device or by using the PC. Through these updates the phone can be stay updated with the latest features and applications. Recently they released important software updates for the Nokia N8 and N900. The various features of these update we will mention in this article..

The Nokia N8-00 is a 3G supported phone comes from the Symbian family. It comes with a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen. The internal memory facility of the phone is 15GB while it can be expandable up to 32GB which is an added feature of the phone. It has a 12 mega pixel camera comes with the Carl Zeiss Optics and auto flash. Visitors can see the full details of the same in Nokia N8 Mobile Phone. The various connectivity like Bluetooth, USB, Micro-USB Connector, Wi-Fi, GPRS etc are available in the Phone. The OVI Store, OVI Music, OVI Maps are also can be avail through the phone. 

Like the N8, The Nokia N900 is also the most popular mobile phone launched some days back which comes with the Maemo 5 Operating Software. The internal memory of the phone is 32GB which is expandable up to 16GB. The slider phone also has a 3.5 inch touch screen with the latest features and applications. The 5 mega pixel camera of the phone with built-in flash facility is best for image capturing and HD videos. The Big touch screen of N900 is also best for internet surfing, gaming etc. The GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB etc. are available in the phone. The technical specifications of N900 and the other Details of N900 mobile phone can be avail in Nokia N900

Recently Nokia released the latest software version 025.007 (Symbian Anna) for the N8 mobile with the following features. The various features are as follows..
  • The issues regarding the mail for exchange is solved through this software update.
  • New icons and wallpapers for the phone.
  • Split screen view facility for various applications i.e. messaging, OVI Maps, phonebook, calendar etc.
  • The virtual QWERTY keypad with split screen view facility. Through this users can access fast for the special characters. 
  • New browser with new search option will come with this update where the most used feature will be highlighted. 
  • The performance and the usability improvements feature which is a standard feature of every update. 
The various updated features that will come with the latest software update 20.2010.36.2 for the N900 mobile is as follows..
  • The OVI Suite support will be added to the phone through this software update.
  • The performance improvements of the phone is the another feature of this update.
  • The latest and updated versions of the Nokia Applications and services is also come with the update. 
Users can update the available software that is available for your device by using the phone or by using the PC. For update by using a PC, you have to connect your device with the computer and for update by using the phone, you have to go to the Software Update icon in your device where the available updates will shown there. You have to select among them which have to be update. 
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